080 BARCELONA (Fall/Winter 2015-16)
080 BARCELONA (Fall/Winter 2015-16)

One more time the fashion week arrived in Barcelona (2 to 5 February), one of the most international cities in Spain.
We have seen many designs and proposals for this coming winter: from the most “traditionally female” to the most crazy and daring.


25 great designers, but as I can not teach every one of them, we show you our favorites from this new edition, ready ??


One of the most well known brands in Spain was responsible for the opening of 080 Barcelona, and what better than with “the spirit of Woodstock”, “groupies of Led Zeppelin”, “Patti Smith” and even the very same Jimmi Hendrix.


Fringed buckskin jackets, jeans shorts, long silk dresses, bell bottoms, denim, maxi sunglasses, many necklaces, printed with the Navajo Indians motifs, leather pants … the golden age of the Summer of Love.



And we continue with another major of the most current Spanish fashion: Custo. The new collection is called Shakebefore.
A fantasy coats, sweaters and shirts that are superimposed over culottes, skirts and pants. Silk pleated, wide sleeves, oversize wool coats, dresses made by various textures and geometric jacquard prints.


“The winter collection 2015 Intends to Harmonize the traditional white and black tartan with gray or beige with touches of more vivid colors as oil fuchsia and blue. The neutral color palette combined with ethnic and colorful to create a sensual and contemporary language “




How could we describe the show ?? Contrasts, childhood trauma and horror films, but with the name “Maniac” You can already get a rough idea of the theme
All a fashion show in the purest horror movie style. With references to “Interview with the Vampire” and Gothic and brocade camisoles in pastel color, Freddy Krueger and his striped shirt (printed in full skirts), A Clockwork Orange, etc.
Also pop icons like Marilyn Monroe, bloody of course or even Kurt Cobain (with a bullet through his brain). Corsets with red lacing, zombies schoolgirls … and powerful messages like: “All be aware of my wishes”, “Be my Valentine” or “Do not let fear stop your dreams”.


A perfect call to release the internal beast, to assume our fears as an exercise of overcoming trauma and paralyzing phobias.

“There is no shadow without light and that is where we are going”




What to say about a show where the purity of form is claimed ?? The designer combined wearable and elegant clothes combining them with a solid minimalist proposal.

The mathematical precision and perfect measurements have been the ones have named this collection: Angles. Made by parcas with metal zippers, sweatshirts, sweaters with volumes in 3D, layers … All combining technical and other noble and natural materials. And we can not forget those unique dresses made out of cardboard boxes.
An entire retro-futuristic journey that revolves around robotics.



A real sport deluxe !! Her show “Sicky Sweet Bears” was a celebration of kitsch melancholy, the gangsta style and ghettos.
But let’s stop for a moment in the name of this collection: Sicky Sweet Bears (Los Osos Amorosos Enfermos in spanish). And this show is set in this cartoon series of adorable bears we all know from childhood. XXL size prints, oversize clothing, neoprene padded, hair …


All these clothing in pastel colors and a child theme, but which the designer added them urban air that characterizes him. From hats, chains, even Miley Cyrus topknots and of course, Reebok sneakers.
The perfect uniform to belong to gang funniest winter!!

Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2015-2016


And to close our favorites list could not miss the recently deceased Sita Murt. The firm faced with enthusiasm and melancholy submission of Oxford Vibes.
It was the first show without her and paid homage at the ceremony of the National Prize of the Generalitat to Emerging Design 080 Barcelona Fashion, which choose the five designers participating in this edition for the first time and coincides with the closure.
In this latest collection we saw knitwear with a male, sexy and subtle touch. Coats, sweaters and pants british heritage, sweet tissues and fluids stain colors beginning with the gray and suddenly burst into vibrant coppers. Raw and persimmons on which colored rays are painted in electric blue.


“Clothes that go beyond the superficial”

On the white canvas could be read: “No em digueu que és impossible, les coses s’han de provar” (dont say it’s impossible things have to prove )


And like this once again gave an end to the 080 Barcelona and giving way to Madrid fashion week, very soon here in OnlyDope. Dont miss it.

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