10 style tips for taller women
10 style tips for taller women


As a tall woman, you’ll know how difficult it can often be to find clothes that fit you perfectly. In the past, you’ve probably bought jeans that bunched up around the ankles or shirts that refused to go much further than your elbow. That’s why we’re here to give you some tried and tested shopping advice.


1. Don’t shy from skinny jeans

Your pins are enviable so why wouldn’t you want to show them off? A pair of skinny jeans will elongate your body and can be dressed up or dressed down no matter the time of year.


2. Look statuesque in a maxi dress

One of the biggest benefits of being a taller lady is that you can pull off a maxi dress perfectly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and patterns that you can match with a mid-length jacket.


3. Cinch in your waist

Create the illusion of the coveted hourglass figure with a belt that will nip in your waist. Taller ladies can also get away with choosing wider belts.


4. Try over the knee boots

Trust us when we say that pairing some over the knee boots with a mini skirt or skinny jeans is the ultimate tall girl uniform for the autumn and winter months.


5. Embrace a three quarter sleeve

If you’re struggling to find a sleeve that’s long enough, then it’s time embrace the alternative of the ¾ shirt. These will be more flattering as your arms will be accentuated by the sleeve’s length.


6. Steer clear of the low-rise jean

Super low-rise jeans don’t usually have the correct rise to properly flatter a lady with a bit of height. On the other hand, high waisted jeans should be an essential part of your wardrobe.


7. Find a good tailor

As a tall girl, your tailor is probably your best friend. You’re probably going to want the hem of your trousers taken down, or perhaps even some extra material added on to that mini skirt. When all else fails, you could get clothes custom made.


8. …and brands that tailor to you

Luckily, the fashion industry is becoming a lot more inclusive so there are many brands out there that will tailor to your size. The trick is to know your measurements and work from there. When you’re shopping online for plus size dresses, take care to note the measurements of the model too.


9. Avoid baggy clothing

Baggy clothing is not always flattering, and this is especially true for taller women. Instead, choose a dress that is form fitting in all of the right places.


10. Don’t compromise on your footwear

Most of the time, your shoes make your outfit so for that reason you should never feel as though you need to compromise with your footwear. If you want to wear a stiletto – don’t settle for a wedge!



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