3 Reasons Why Your Personal Style and Your Home Style Aren’t so Different
3 Reasons Why Your Personal Style and Your Home Style Aren’t so Different

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Maybe you’re a born fashionista, and nothing makes you happier than trying on different outfits, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and figuring out the most attention-grabbing and daring ways to accessorise.


But what if someone told you that being a “home fashionista” was pretty much the same as being an actual fashion fashionista, in many ways?


Would you be convinced that taking the time to visit Carpet One and pick out a plush rug, or setting aside an afternoon to go down to the DIY store and pick up some new paint for your walls, had a lot in common with checking out makeup tutorials?


Well, if you are in doubt, here are a few reasons why paying attention to your personal style and your home style aren’t really so different after all.


Psychologically speaking, your home is pretty much an extension of yourself


Psychologically speaking, your home is pretty much an extension of yourself. In other words, when you think about “home” you don’t think about it in terms of just some detached tool that you “use” on a regular basis.


Instead, you think about it almost like another limb. If your home is tidy, you feel tidier and more organised yourself. If your home is a complete mess, you feel shame, and are likely to have scattered thoughts.


A lot of the reason why people take pride in their personal presentation, fashion-wise, is that it makes them feel good. The same can also be true for styling up your home.


Taking pride in your presentation is contagious across all areas of your life


When you take pride in your presentation, you are essentially taking pride in the fact that you’re getting your life together, and are arranging things in your own personal sphere, so that they align with your ambitions and dreams.


So, when you go out looking your best in a great new outfit, you feel proud about the fact that you are presenting yourself to others in a way that you like.


Taking pride in the presentation of your home is similar. If someone visits, and your home is a mess, you’re not likely to feel great. But if the home is looking like your own personal fairytale palace, you’ll be more than happy to show it off when a visitor calls.


Taking care of your personal style, and your home style, will both increase your sense of well-being


This point has been alluded to earlier in the article, but there’s quite a lot of evidence that when people take steps to live intentionally – that is, expressly structure their lives in line with their preferences – they are happier, and more contented too.


When your home is a complete mess, you’re likely to feel hopeless and irritated. No doubt, the popularity of decluttering and minimalist movements today is largely because they help to fight against this feeling.

It’s no secret, either, that when people dress up in a way that they enjoy, they feel better about their lives.

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