3 unexpected expenses to pay attention at home
3 unexpected expenses to pay attention at home

Do you want to know at what points to pay special attention to try to avoid unexpected expenses as much as possible?

It’s stressful that electrical appliances such as TV or refrigerator break down, but in the end that is part of their lifespan (manufacturers already make sure of it). However, there are a number of unexpected breakdowns that we encounter at home frequently, over time I learned some tricks that can be useful for you!

Therefore, what better than a Sunday afternoon to talk about the most frequent breakdowns at home and several tricks to avoid them.
Let’s do it.

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The unexpected expense number 1.: Faucets and cisterns that lose water.

The plumbing of your home is delicate and it supplies you with water several times a day in different parts of the house. Some of the fails you can prevent the worse, such as clogging in toilets, sinks or bathtubs. Others, such as pipeline breaks, are almost impossible to predict. But keep in mind that fixing a leak caused by a traffic jam can be expensive.
TIP: Bathroom faucets can easily get clogged by hard water and chemical residues from soaps and shampoos. Descale them by putting vinegar in a plastic bag, then soaking the faucet with the vinegar. Use twine to tie the bag in place. Allow the faucet to soak for several hours. Rinse off the vinegar and wipe off the scale using a soft sponge.

The unexpected expense number 2: Residential Lock Systems that fail.

Choose a keypad combination entry door lock or a keyless entry system for your home and forget the hassle of keys once and for all. It’s all a good deal, it increases security and you gain peace of mind until it fails.
CONS: The unit relies on battery power, and since there is no key slot, it becomes inoperable if the battery dies.
TIP: I always write down contacts and telephone numbers of technicians who can help me in case of emergency. 24/7 emergency services to help you immediately are very useful.
Lock-Up Services is the top choice for commercial and residential emergencies if you live in Canada. Their fast and professional locksmith technicians are available for 24 Hour emergency road service. They’re proud to serve clients in Toronto, Etobicoke, King City, Caledonia, Ajax, Pickering, High Park, Rosedale, Oakville, Woodbridge and Burlington.


The unexpected expense number 3: Problems with the electrical installation.

In winter energy consumption in households is triggered, and although we have already spoken in the past of how to save energy in winter, it is often inevitable. Heating, hot water, fewer daylight hours and more time at home are some of the causes.
If what you want is to save, turn your house into an eco-efficient home and keep the heating at a constant temperature. Change your old appliances for those that have an eco-label.
TIP: The best way to avoid problems is to not overload the electrical circuit. Unplug devices and appliances when you’re not using them, and periodically check your installation for voltage problems or power distribution.

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