5 Expert Tips Before Ordering Your First Jewellery Online
5 Expert Tips Before Ordering Your First Jewellery Online

Like everything else, the collection of jewellery online is far more extensive than you could find by visiting a store. Nowadays, you don’t really have to trouble yourself hopping store to store till you stumble upon the perfect piece. No matter what you are looking be it eclectic, elegant, or antique you are bound to find more than a few options tapping on your phone than browsing jewellery store display shelves. By shopping online you are also shielded from impulsive urges to buy something over your budget. Now, a lot of people refrain from buying jewellery online because they worry about authenticity, which is a valid concern. However, if you are smart you can sidestep the possible risk. Here’re a few tips.

Check Online Reviews Before Adding to Cart:

If you are contemplating buying a jewellery online, it’s always recommended to read reviews. Visit online listing sites such as Yelp to find out the experience of past customers. If the website is not listed anywhere, it’s best to stay clear. This means it’s a new website and you might just end up being their first victim.

Find Online Jewellery Stores That Offer Free Trials:

No matter how many megapixels the images are, jewellery is best judged up close and personal. Thankfully, most reputed online stores offer free trials at home. Whether you opt for the trial or not, the mere fact that it’s available tells you that the store is confident about its featured product. When ordering 9ct gold earrings or simple pendants and other inexpensive jewellery you can probably skip the home trial. However, if it’s platinum and diamond you are after, requesting a home trial is almost a no-brainer.

Stick to Buying Affordable Jewellery:

If you are a seasoned jewellery buyer you already know that expensive doesn’t always equate to more beautiful. Online stores offer an extensive collection of alternative metal jewellery made from stuff like titanium, cobalt, sterling silver, and yellow gold. You also have plenty of non-diamond options when choosing a stone for your pendant or ring. Sapphire, for example, has a striking blue colour, and if crafted by an expert, it can look every bit as good as diamonds. Buying affordable jewellery made from alternative metals and semi-precious stones saves you the trouble of being worried about authenticity as much as you would when buying something expensive. It doesn’t really matter how good the photos are, it’s nearly impossible to judge a diamond without inspecting it upfront.

Quality of the Website Can Reveal the Truth:

Most reputed online sellers invest a lot on their website. They are not just out to make a quick buck. Features such as 3D virtual trials tell you that the website owners invested ample time, money, and effort. It’s also important to check if the website uses up-to-date encryption technology and security measures to keep your payment details secure. If you are planning to pay online, the website must have an URL prefixed by ‘https’.

Check out Their Shipping Policy:

A website that doesn’t offer free shipping or returns doesn’t deserve your business. Most websites offer a standard return policy of 30 days within which you can request an exchange or a refund.

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