5 Must-Have Handbags For Every Occasion
5 Must-Have Handbags For Every Occasion

For most women, a handbag is not just an accessory to compliment an outfit; it’s a necessity to carry everything she is going to need throughout the day. It’s a statement about which side of herself she is presenting to the world today. Each handbag has a separate function, hence why we always take a different one to specific events. Here are the best handbags that will add to your look, no matter the occasion.


To me, nothing says ‘professional businesswoman’ like a sturdy Cambridge satchel bag or briefcase. In a neutral colour, preferably black, this bag will go with any of your best interview outfits. It will hold your portfolio, resume, all your devices, and your purse. You don’t need to bring anything else to a meeting unless stated otherwise, so that’s all the space you need. The best part it all your papers will stay flat and tidy, so you look prepared for your job interview. Once you’ve got the job, you can use the same satchel as your work bag, to help you keep feeling professional.

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A casual day out

You will probably get the most use out of this handbag so make sure it’s made from a durable material that can survive all weather. You can also wear it for a more casual evening, such and dinner and a movie with friends. Casual Handbags are available from any high street store at all kinds of prices, so if your usual day bag is looking a bit worse for wear, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade.

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Wedding Handbag

Spring and summer are prime wedding seasons, and this is certainly an occasion where you want to look your best. In which case, you’ll need a handbag that you don’t generally take out with you on a regular basis. A designer woven handbag will look lovely for either a formal or casual wedding, especially when partnered with a pastel-coloured outfit.

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Formal evening

You can never go wrong with a little clutch handbag for a formal night out. The options for clutch handbags are endless. You can go full-on glamourous with a sparkly, sequined bag, or anything in a metallic colour, or you can look elegant with a classic black clutch. You can even make a statement with a bold colour. Make sure to pack only the essentials, because your clutch will get bent out of shape if you can’t close it.

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Big events

It’s all about the environment nowadays, and you can do your part by taking a bag with you to do your grocery shopping. It doesn’t have to be a plain canvas bag either. Large tote bags are so versatile; you can use them for any occasion where only a large bag will do. Use it to carry your beach supplies, take it to work if you think it’s appropriate enough, and, if you know how to plan ahead, it can even make a very stylish gym bag.

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