8 Ways to Always Look Unique!
8 Ways to Always Look Unique!

Are you sick of looking the same as everybody else? You’re not alone! So many people strive to look like Kim Kardashian these days, but that’s what every other woman on the street looks like. If you want to wear your own style and look unique, use the following 8 tips:


Take Inspiration, But don’t Copy


You can take inspiration from different styles that you admire, but never copy something or somebody completely. This just shows a lack of imagination! Always try to put your own spin on something and make it your own.

Mix and Match Patterns


I just love mixing and matching patterns to create a unique, fun look. This look isn’t for everybody. Some people think that it’s quite loud and OTT. But if you love to have fun with what you’re wearing, you should definitely try this! There are a ton of different ways you can do it, so make sure you research first. One way I like to do it is by mixing a larger scale pattern with a smaller scale pattern of the same nature.

Wear Unusual Accessories


Unusual accessories always get noticed, so use them to show off your personality. Whether you wear earrings in the shape of arrows, or a ring that looks like a unicorn, make an impact with your accessories. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfits, as they can enhance it and make it look so much better.


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Mix Styles and Eras


Something else you can do is mix styles and eras to come up with a completely new style. For instance, why not mix a bit of vintage with a bit of modern to create a completely unique look?

Make Sure it Suits You


It’s all well and good coming up with a unique look, but you need to make sure that it suits you. Does this look suit your style, body type, and colouring?

Don’t Worry About What Others Think


Never worry about what other people think. They should be worrying about themselves, not what you’re doing! As long as you love what you’re wearing and you feel confident, then there’s really no need to think about anybody else.

Don’t Follow Fashion Trends


Fashion trends come and go quite quickly, say Artizara. If you follow them, you’re basically following the crowd. Who wants to be the same as everybody else? If you really love a particular trend, then go ahead. Just don’t get too caught up in ‘what’s hot’.

Wear it With Confidence


The best thing you can ever do is wear your outfit with confidence. If you have confidence then you have everything! Even if your outfit isn’t up to much, confidence can transform it and others will take notice of you. Walk with your shoulders back and head held high.

 Use these 8 tips to look unique and you’ll always stand out from the crowd. We were all born unique, so why don’t we embrace it more? Leave any tips of your own below. Thanks for visiting – see you again soon!

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