9 Tips For Buying A Bigger Diamond
9 Tips For Buying A Bigger Diamond


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One of the biggest questions on the minds of those about to propose is how to get the most bang of their buck when it comes to the ring. Below, we look at a few tips and tricks for buying a bigger diamond ring.

    Pick a fancy shaped diamond

A fancy shaped diamond is one that is not round, and it can save you a great deal on budget. It’s really worth looking at the more unique fancy shaped diamonds or even considering the custom engagement rings Sydney women get. A non-round diamond for an engagement ring is a highly unique option.

    A fancy shaped stone equals a visually larger diamond

The carat weight is merely the weight of a diamond. It’s not the most accurate indicator of the “size” of the diamond that you can see. Visually, a fancy shaped diamond will look bigger on the finger compared to a round brilliant cut. It’s just the way our eyes see shapes.

    Choose warmer colours

Rose gold is a romantic metal that suits all skin tones. The pink hue makes it ideal for engagement rings. If you want to get a rose gold diamond engagement ring, you can invest in a lower colour grade ideal cut stone and still get a stunning diamond for your budget. So, by investing in a lower cut quality, you may be able to get a larger diamond, or one that appears larger.

    Fancy coloured diamonds

Less saturated fancy colour diamonds are usually highly affordable. For instance, those that are classified as “Brown” are some of the most stunning diamonds you’ll find.

    Choose an eye-clean diamond

Diamond clarity is another way to save money and purchase a bigger diamond ring. Higher clarity diamonds look the same as lower clarity diamonds when viewed without the help of magnification.

    Choose an antique

Interestingly, you can get antique style diamonds cut to modern cutting techniques. That means you can get the best of both worlds: an antique style diamond cut to ideal proportions and a larger diamond for your money.

    Solitaire settings

When it comes to picking the setting of your engagement ring, a classic solitaire is a wonderful choice. It’s an economical setting and means your diamond gets to be the sole centre piece of the ring, which is great for bigger diamonds. What’s more, with a solitaire setting, you can put all your attention on the single diamond.

    Custom made

Custom made engagement rings are a very popular choice, and the perfect opportunity to personalise the ring. You can customise the entire item from the start, including metal choice, concept, and the size of the diamond.

    Princess cut diamonds

No two princess cut diamonds are the same. What’s more, there is no cut grade issues for the shape. Choose an optically balanced look for this diamond shape to ensure you get the biggest ring for your budget.

These 9 tips should help you get a bigger, more beautiful diamond. With these tips, you can truly get the most out of your purchase.

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