What would I do if you actually won the lottery?
What would I do if you actually won the lottery?

**this is a collaborative post with Lottoland.

Did you ever dreamt with won the lottery? I think it’s something recurrent that we all dream sometimes.

Americans have the Powerball jackpot drawing, which you could be winning about $800 million. Every contry has their dreamy lottery.

There is nothing as beautiful as share good moments with your loved ones, that’s why I think we can all agree that the first thing we think is to take the financial pressure of paying off the debts and help our family and close friends. But even then we will have enough money to make a few dreams come true. For example with lottoland you can win up to £14 million with a minimum jackpot of £8 million!
My dream is quite “affordable” compared to other people. Since I would not invest money in a sports car or big luxuries. (If we do not count the bags because you know that I would not resist!) My dream is to build a house or maybe two in the most remote places, where to rest and enjoy family. What we call an Eden of Peace.
In that case the word Euromillion makes sense for me.


Even with my “lifestyle plan” Irish Lottery could make it too. You can get up to £360k and £180k respectively! Can you imagine?

Also I would plan charitable gifts. Why?
Because I have always been like this, I believe that as much as possible, we must help those who are most in need and be aware that if the whole population will think just like us, perhaps the world would be a better place. That is why I would draw up a plan with which every year several teenagers could access study plans, scholarships, families could rehabilitate homes and live in a better place. And also make nursing homes a nice and pleasant place to live your last years. This among others.

Core values

I would make a animals rescue center, I felt all my life attached to animals and I think in Spain we really need to improve and take care of animals the way they deserve. We have a lack of awareness that makes me sad. So I would make sure to change that and help people to understand the current situation.


Last plan would be to travel the world. My biggest dream, I am always expecting to meet new cultures and places to be. If I didn’t have to work I would be travelling the world and meeting all of you guys!

Ok maybe for all my plans US powerball would be the best choice. At the end. What makes you happy is not money but who you can share it with.

Now it’s your turn, tell me your plans if you actually won the lottery.

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