“Athleisure” Movement
“Athleisure” Movement

Sportswear fashion is conquering all this season, all the celebrities wear it and even many collections present it as the latest and coolest, like Beyoncé for Topshop (fall 2015), Alexander Wang for H & M or Rihanna for Puma.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

Until recently, sports items were reserved exclusively for that. But then came Alexander Wang, clubbing clothes, the sport collection for Topshop and Beyoncé, and Rihanna as a new creative direction of Puma. They revolutionized the fashion world. If we mix all these elements with some aesthetic, we obtain a new and unbeatable new trend, a revolution destined to conquer the fashion industry, in other words: Athleisure.

Let us remember and analyze what the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, said a while ago: “leggings are the new denim”. And so it proved. Then in the early 2014, the most innovative talent in the industry, like Riccardo Tisci and Wang himself, saw the imminent arrival of a new way of understanding and wear sports clothes; so there was only sign up for the athleisure trend before it took hold of the big low cost surfaces and become, by extension, in a phenomenon of masses exempt from that cool scent that possesses a whole new trend in its beginnings.
ricardo tisci
But what athleisure mean??
As if we were in Latin class, the idea is to go to the root of the two words that compose this impossible pronunciation term: athletic and leisure. Actually their meanings are complete opposites, but through this union configured for fashion, was born a new way of understanding the sporty look.
look sport

look sport2Never was so trendy wear gym clothes at work or on the dance floor on a Saturday night. There is no longer any reason to feel guilty when you walk down the street with the most comfortable clothing in world. Now the sport is cool. Viva el athleisure !!                       

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