Back in time. Charlotte Olympia art.
Back in time. Charlotte Olympia art.

We all know that the merge between art and fashion is really short. There are a wide range of designer who wanted to try mixing both styles, one of the most famous was the reinterpration of Charlotte Olympia of her famous Dolly Shoe.

From the begin.

Charlotte Olympia began her eponymous label after graduating from Cordwainer’s, the world-renowned college of footwear and accessories design in London. Her first footwear collection was presented during London Fashion Week in February 2008 and In 2010, Charlotte Olympia opened its first store on Maddox Street in London.

Charlotte Olympia designs are inspired by the old-Hollywood glamour, pin-ups and movie stars from the 1940’s and 50’s. Her design philosophy is to create luxury feminine shoes and accessories with a sense of humour.

Fast Forward, on 2012.

Charlotte Olympia re-interpreted her Dolly shoe by taking inspiration from the best painters of the Twentieth Century. The consequence was: 100 hand painted limited edition of her Dolly pumps, launched and sold at the Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Miami store for Art Basel, on December 2012.


She re-interpreted the works of Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Howard Hodgkin, Piet Mondrian between others.


Post Impressionism Dolly, Neo Plasticism Dolly, Abstract Expressionism Dolly, Pop Art Dolly, Abstraction Dolly and finally Cubism Dolly. What a mix of styles right? That’s a really work of art!

Below are the designs:

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.


Seated Women by Pablo Picasso.


Line over form by Piet Mondrian


Girl with hair ribbon by Roy Lichteinstein


Convergence by Jack Pollock.


Dinner at Smith Square by Howard Hodgkin.



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