Sometimes is not about the make up but about the make up tools you use! That’s why I am so happy to announce my new collaboration with Barely Cosmetics. Barely Cosmetics is led by professional make-up artist Nicole McEvoy who founded B.C with the vision of strip down and waste less.

Her line incorporates sharp lines for contours and guiding as well as round edges for blotting and blending. And Barely’s sponges have also been clinically tested and absorb less than 1% of the foundation added to them. (In comparison to other sponges on the market that can drink up to 30%!)

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I had to review two sponges and the tanning mitt. First when I get my package I realized about the packages that are perfect to storing them if you are travelling or you don’t have time to wash it.

The Barely Definer Sponges are multi-function; means can be used with your foundation, powder, blusher, bronzer and concealer. You can use all wet or dry but I prefer to use them wet. I love the suede texture, are ultra soft! It blends amazingly makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish, leaving you looking gorgeous


How to use your sponges.

1-    Squeeze under warm water about 10 times. You will feel like the sponge becomes bigger and the texture gets softer like suede.

2-    After make sure you really squeeze the water out.

3-    Are ready to make you beauty.

When using them and in special if it’s your first time with sponges remember the next tips:

<The rounded side blends larger areas.

<The precision tip is perfect to cover all the imperfections.

<And the flat edge is perfect to contour around the eyes and nose.


Definer Sponge Soft & Hard.




2015-05-21 (1)

Due to its suede texture Definer Soft makes blending so easy. This sponge is perfect to apply base products and to blend your make up. After use it a few times I realized foundation last longer if applied with the definer sponge soft.

Use it with: Moisturizers, primers, foundations & concealers.

Coverage: Medium-High coverage.

Price: £9.99.

Definer Sponge Hard it’s the opposite, perfect to contouring and highlighting, with same price £9.99. I just recommend this sponge if you have high make-up skills and you contour and highlight frequently.



Not Your Average Tanning Mitt


2015-05-21 (2)

The best about this Tanning mitt is it adsorbs 49% less than the rest and of course the price just £7. It’s easy to use, you just need to apply the tanning lotion to the center, bend in hald and squeeze so tan covers the entire surface, then apply upward sweeping motions to ensure a natural look.
And it’s machine washable and double sided.
Price: £7.



2015-05-21 (3)

Overall, my must are the Soft sponge along with the tanning mitt. It worth the price if you reduce the wasting of product and your skin looks flawless and more defined. I am happy to say I use the sponges everyday! It makes my makeup look flawless and blending is so easy. Plus I don’t have to press so hard on my skin to get the product on the sponge on my face or to blend it out. Now it is a staple to my makeup routine.

And of course all Barely Cosmetics products are Latex Free, non-allergenic, and odour free, perfect to sensitive skin.



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