Were talked about many beauty tips and new phenomenon in the art of makeup: from the eyebrows to the areas of lighting, lips and even tricks about how to get the makeup will lasts 24 hours. But now appeared a new beauty phenomenon which put back the look at one of the most important points, focusing on the eyelashes as an element of seduction.

All of us have seen and envied those XXL doll eyelashes the superstar wears, make up commercials and even in those lucky people who has it in their genetics. It is even said that the eyelashes are the new manicure in the beauty world.

precos lancome brasil-vert


That was the movie director David Wark Griffith, in 1916, who was considered the “father of modern cinema”. He thought he wanted to intensify the look of the main character with extremely long, dramatic lashes.

With the help of a local manufacturer wigs they created false eyelashes. In the beginning they were made with extremely fine human hair sewn into a thin grating and were, as you can imagine, quite uncomfortable.


So years later, arrived Asian women who perfected the technique and started using them to enlarge their slanted eyes. It became so popular in the streets, coming to America and then to the rest of the world knowing them as we know now.


There are solutions depending on your needs one or another look. Here we will explain the most economical and effective ones, although resorting to makeup to enlarge the eyes always helps; How to do it?? is achieved by applying a clear pink line along the lines the lower lashes and black on the upper eyelid starting from the pupil to beyond the corner of the eye, creating a cat-eye and accenting with a mascara.


But let see every options that we have, not only to enlarge the eye, also to lengthen and get movie eyelashes:

  • In Le Petit Salon in Madrid, we find the eyelash tinting (25 €, 30 min of application.) which creates a durable and waterproof mascara effect; or if you prefer, curling eyelashes (50 €, 60 min. of application) that raises the expression.


  • With an original and flashy design, Magnifibres is a beautifier effect “false eyelashes”, his brush is 100% natural fibers allowing real-care tab and adheres better to the real lashes. Provides volume and length (35 €).


  • Usually who are born blondes have clearer and even shorter lashes than the rest, so people like Sienna Miller turn to eyelash extensions. How do they work?? In specialized places as Nouveau Lashes after making a personalized study about your of lashes and your needs, appy individually subtle extensions of semi-permanent eyelashes. Although if you’re impatient like me, you can request the promotion “Let’sGo!” in which in just 5, 10 or 20 minutes radically change the expression of your look.


  • Of course I couldn’t miss the universal Eyelash Curler. Its the element that we use the most, but sometimes, especially at the beginning, we have some problems using it cause if you’re not careful, you can catch a bit of the upper eyelid. Always apply it BEFORE the mascara, and then use it to do the finishing and set clear that curve.


  • Another good product is Duo The Feline Flick. It consists of mascara and precision pencil, perfect to design cat-eye makeup, by Charlotte Tilbury (€ 50 approx.).

Dúo The Feline Flick

  • This is one of the ones I like the most. The Eyelash Activating Serum M2Lashes with MDN complex as a key active ingredient that stimulates lash roots extending the natural growth phase. Its used as a conventional liner which applies once daily, preferably at night and after makeup removal on the clean, dry upper eyelid, so will act while we are sleeping.

Sérum M2Lashes Eyelash Activating

  • For those who likes the look “60s” Alexa Chung recommends Eye Do mascara with vitamins A and E, keratin, Ginkgo Biloba and botanical proteins Eyeko. This product is amazing and enduring for a long time thanks to a “magic” mixed that improves the tab. It can be found in perfumeries Douglas (21 €).

Eye Do

  • If on other hand you are creative, Lashes & Go is a personalized eyelash extension high quality service with possibility of adding decorations and unique details. And now, they have released Lashes & Go magical box, and original gift box made up of a complete selection of lash extensions (70€).

Lashes & Go Magical Box

  • The actress Emma Watson uses a very good trick to get bigger eyes: apply a clear gel eyeliner color, preferably tending to pink or earth color very clearly, for a more subtle effect on the lower lash line and then concentrates the color of the shadows at the outer ends, expanding with the help of eyelash extensions, especially long in the corner of the eye to create a large, natural and full of personality eyes.

"This Is The End" - Los Angeles Premiere

  • If you prefer a clinical trick, Revitalash is your ideal product. It is the first cosmetic formula developed in the world to revitalize the eyelashes in less than three weeks, was born as a gift from Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff to his wife, which suffered cancer. (this firm makes a donation of 1 euro for each of the products it sells to the Spanish Association Against Cancer).


This upcoming February, OnlyDopeFashion will attend an event and masterclass about makeup so we are going to learn and bring you more tips to get a feline, mesmerizing and fabulous look. Stay Tuned !!

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