Dress Like A Lady Boss With Bespoke Women
Dress Like A Lady Boss With Bespoke Women

Ah, suits. Three or four decades ago, I swear women were cursed for just saying they want to try them on. Take another three or four decades back and women were even detested for wearing anything that separates their pair of legs. Phew! It’s a good thing I was born in modern times. If reincarnation is real and my soul has somehow lived over and over in different bodies throughout the centuries, I can imagine how spiteful I might’ve been for a being a girl who’s forbidden to wear a pair of pants. I can‘t imagine living my life without sweatpants, after all.

Anyway, gender reversal is a common thing in today’s world. In fact, we are aiming for a gender-equal society – where men, women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, asexuals, transvestites, transgenders, and everyone else are treated one and the same. We want to create a world where women can speak up and apply for jobs any man is allowed to; a world where we can dress the way we want and be recognized not because of our sexuality but because of who we are as individuals. If that world is to be attained, it will be true bliss. Check this out for instance: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/sep/04/joy-unisex-gender-neutral-clothing-john-lewis.

For now, I guess promoting gender equality in the world of fashion is fair enough.

How Can Gender Equality Be Expressed In Fashion

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You know how the idea of “women should wear dresses and skirts during formal affairs” has always existed right? Like, if there’s a company meeting or party with the bosses, women are expected to doll up, put on lots of adorable make-up, and wear something that accentuates their feminine sides. While I do appreciate rocking a feminine get-up every now and again, I certainly do not want to be told to dress in a particular manner just because I’m a girl.

Skirts and dresses are great. Depending on what you wear, you can give off a different vibe every time. You can look all sweet and cuddly when you wear a nice, frilly dress with a flattering splash of colors. If you’re aiming for a sexier and lady-like look, you can always wear dresses that emphasize and accentuate your womanly curves like a body-con cocktail or a mermaid-cut gown. Those types of dresses will definitely make heads turn. However, you should only wear them when you feel like wearing them – not because you have to. Why? Well, let me tell you a little secret:

Women look dashing in suits as well.

If you want to go for a more business-like, dignified, and classy look, a Bespoke Woman Suit may just be the outfit for you. Who said that tuxedos are only for the guys? In these modern times, we ladies can rock outfits like no guy ever can. In fact, it’s more fun being a girl. We can cross fashion bridges all the time and it wouldn’t seem weird at all. We can wear suits without looking like we swing the other way. I doubt a guy can ever pull off a mermaid dress as well as we do – or at the very least, they wouldn’t be wearing one to any event anytime soon.

Lady bosses should not only look confident but feel confident as well. I’m telling you, if you want to power dress in the office (or wherever else, for that matter), a body suit is a must-have in your closet. It’s best to have in neutral colors too so that you can pair it up with any of your pumps and it’ll still match!

Nothing Like A Smart Suit To Boost Your Confidence!

If you’re getting ready for a job interview, an application for promotion, or a meet-up with a highly sought-after client, then I’m sure that you would want to wear something that amplifies your self-confidence. Fashion has that kind of power, you know. If you need something to help- you get through a nerve-wracking and mentally charged situation, dressing right is the very first step. This would be a good time to leave your sweatpants at home.

A smart suit for the ladies can give off a very powerful feeling. It amplifies your strong features and makes you look dignified and classy. But even if it does give an air of masculinity and dominance, it does not get in the way of your womanly charms (which you might really need if you want to win over clients’ hearts). You can still perfectly exude your sexy pheromones despite wearing a smart suit. If anything, I believe it will add more to your entire ensemble. You can check out some custom women’s suits in NYC to see which style fits you best.

Lastly, smart suits feel more comfortable and natural to wear. Even if you wear a jaw-dropping dress that perfectly matches your jewellery, shoes, bag, and other accessories, the impact may not be as much if you look like you’re on pins and needles. Dresses are often limiting and they exhaust you over time, especially if they’re not purposely made for comfort. Body suits, on the other hand, will allow you to move more naturally and feel more comfortable in your own skin. You can be comfortable and still manage to look good so it’s basically hitting two birds with one stone.

Why not giving a smart suit a try and see you feel about it?


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