Buying socks as gifts and fashion accessory
Buying socks as gifts and fashion accessory


Are you on the hunt for the best gift? Holidays, birthday parties, weddings and baby showers – these occasions are some of the perfect events when we can show some love through gifts. But buying the right gift can be tricky. Every time we want to buy something nice and unique, we always end up with the usual box of chocolates, flowers, perfumes, clothes, or gadgets.

If you’re thinking of giving something unexpected, go with a pair of funky socks this time. A fun pair of socks with unique design has become an inevitable fashion accessory today.

Whom to Give This Gift


If you decide to give a couple of festive socks to someone, keep in mind that this gift is not for everyone. It might not be the best gift to for your boss or a business partner. However, if you are bold enough and if you think that their personality fits such type of a gift, go for it.

Gifting happens to be real art. For most people, unusual designs of socks in bright colors and joyful designs will be a one-of-a-kind throwback to their careless childhood. This warm and cozy accessory is a great reminder can “transport” you into a comfy sofa in no time, drinking the most delish cup of hot chocolate, tucked in a fluffy blanket, and looking out through the window at the beautiful snowy landscape. Even people who loves usual gifts like clothes and jewelry, will appreciate the fun and quirky side of receiving a pair of bright and funky pair of socks.

Read on to know why buying socks as gifts and as part of your fashion style is a good idea.

Perfect accessory


A trend is something that each of us can follow. A style is something that one can build gradually. You don’t have to be a professional to know how to wear accessories. You just need a bit of fashion sense to stand out among those that are always on the safe side when it comes to outfits.

Crazy socks have details that will seem funny to someone, while someone brave enough can carry them in the best possible way. If you are among the latter, there are a few basic rules to adhere to, if you don’t want to look ridiculous.


Matching Colors Is Not a Priority

Funky socks are usually vibrant, in bold patterns and waggish motifs. Sometimes it is not possible to fit all those colors with the rest of the outfit. This detail will “pop out“ of your combination, but the beauty is just about it. The rule for men is that socks should fit with the color of the pants. This way, the legs won’t look short. More fashion tips and tricks on business outfits find here.

In wearing unusual accessories like funky socks, forget about these rules and be unique. If your dress code at work allows you certain fashion freedom (or you have something like “casual Friday”), show the world your new favorite piece of clothing.

Style can be from Simple to Bold


Perhaps you have seen men on television wearing crazy designed socks with a business suit. Why not dare to do the same? If you are afraid of how people around you will react, first you should go with the less dramatic patterns. For example, you can take dark socks with rhomboids or dots pattern in bright colors.

If you want to go for bold designs, make sure that the base color at least matches the tone of the pants you wear. If you opt for really vibrant socks, those shades should be, at least, complement the color of your pants.

Ladies can follow the same rules. They can bring life to their serious business look with this accessory. But funky vibrant socks combined with a pencil skirt or a straight-cut dress are still a fashion “no-no.”

Funky Socks for Every Day


As for casual outfits, there are no rules. Let your socks be as colorful as you want! With everyday clothes like jeans or sweatpants, you can wear this detail in every pattern you like. Literally, you can combine this funky accessory in everyday outfits and still look cool and outstanding.

One fashion tip is that if you are wearing shorts or a skirt, they should be shorter than usual to highlight your super-fancy pair of socks.

On holidays, feel free to walk around with pair that has the holidays color and design.

The socks are something you always need. Giving them as a gift is a kind of a tradition for Christmas and New Year holidays. Some people think it’s cool to treat you with this cute and practical gift for birthdays or anniversaries too. And if you’re the one who is going to buy them as a gift to someone, it will definitely stand out among the other gifts.


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