BYE! Marc by Marc Jacobs.
BYE! Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Breaking news! I can’t believe I am reporting this. Marc by Marc Jacobs it’s rumored to be near its end. It won’t be disappearing completely but being absorbed by main Marc Jacobs line in order of unify all products with a clarity of voice and aesthetic.


This season was the third season the line was headed up by Luella Bartley and Katie Hiller. And even collections were getting positive reviews and Marc by Marc Jacobs does make up of 70 percent of Marc Jacobs International’s sales (…and even M. by Marc Jacobs is carried by most major department stores when Marc Jacobs is not.) they want to unify into a single label and divide the collection into contemporary and luxury branches.(what means again two prices ranges I guess)


First, Marc Jacobs stepped down from his role at Louis Vuitton to focus on Marc Jacobs, now they are ending with Marc by Marc Jacobs? In my opinion two price ranges is going to confuse shoppers and buyers, but I guess they want to meet an intermedium point between brands, otherwise, I can’t see a happy ending here.


What you think? I want to know your opinion about it.



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  • ~ Carmen ~ says:

    From a marketing & social media stand point, they definitely need to put everything into one line/brand. It makes it more seamless. I have no idea why they have so many variations. However, I can understand your feelings on the different price ranges, which can also be confusing.
    :] // ▲ ▲

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