Can You Really Rewind The Years Without Going Under The Knife?
Can You Really Rewind The Years Without Going Under The Knife?


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When you’re young, it feels like you’ll be young forever. Until one day you’re brushing your hair, and notice a silver strand or two where there weren’t any before. Before you know it, you begin spotting big streaks of them. People might start to comment ‘you look tired’ despite the fact you’ve had a good night sleep. Fine lines appear on the skin, as and serve as a reminder of your mortality. Oscar Wilde summed it up so beautifully when he said ‘youth is wasted on the young’ we have no idea what we have until it starts to fade. When youth and beauty go hand in hand, it’s no wonder that so many of us want to hold on to our youthful good looks for as long as possible. We want to stay looking like ‘ourselves’ and feel confident. And looking young and beautiful can definitely help to achieve that. Fortunately, there are a number of procedures you can have done these days that can rewind the years of your exterior. And you don’t even have to go under the knife to do so! But what non-surgical options are available, and just how effective are they?


Microdermabrasion uses a spray of ‘microcrystals’ to exfoliate the outer layer of skin. This outer layer is made up of dead skin cells, and can cause your complexion to look dull and drab. After this is buffed away, you’re left with a smooth, healthy layer of skin underneath. This process can also help to boost the new skin by encouraging it to produce new cells containing higher levels of collagen and elastin. So not only is the appearance improved but the texture is too. Microdermabrasion is useful for superficial lines and can help soften and improve the appearance of them. One thing to be aware of is that won’t reduce deep lines, and also won’t do anything for sagging skin. If these are the issues you’re facing then another procedure should be considered. But for those looking to smooth fine lines, scars, reduce the look of age spots and even improve hyperpigmentation- microdermabrasion is an excellent choice.

Chemical Peel

In this procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the surface of the skin which essentially makes it die and ‘fall off’. This can cause your face to look a little strange, and so if you’re planning on having it done it’s worth making sure you have a couple of weeks off work to heal! Much like with microdermabrasion, after the treatment, the skin underneath is smoother and not as wrinkled. The look of fine lines and scars is reduced, and the appearance and texture of the skin are improved. Chemical peels can be effective on deeper lines, as a stronger solution can be used. This is a more extreme method, while it’s still non-surgical there’s more healing time involved than with some of the other treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

There are two different types of laser skin treatments available. The first is ablative lasers which remove thin layers of skin. The second is non ablative lasers which work by stimulating collagen growth and tightening the skin. As with the previous two treatments, it works by encouraging a healthy layer of skin which improves the overall look of your complexion. It’s best for those with fine lines and shallow scarring. It can be used to treat the entire surface of the face or target areas such as around the mouth or eyes.


Botox injections soften the look of wrinkles and also stop new ones from forming. The great thing about Botox is there’s no recovery time needed. Technically you could have this done on your lunch break at work and be ready to return in the afternoon! Botox blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles; this means that the muscle can’t contract and the lines on the skin soften. It’s a great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; but again it won’t be useful for very deep lines or sagging. But if these aren’t part of your issue, Botox is an affordable way to look younger. You’re able to find out additional info from Dr. David Halpern and other botox specialists.

Lip Injections

Lip injections have become a craze over the last couple of years. But you don’t have to get a trout pout, subtle lip fillers can be really effective in making you look younger. Lips can sag and thin with age, so adding a little volume back can be highly effective in rewinding the years. Lip injections aren’t permanent which can be a good and a bad thing- you will need to get them redone every six to twelve months. But if you’re not so keen on how they look or aren’t fussed about having them done again, you can allow your lips to return to their natural size. This means they can be a good choice if you have a special occasion where you want to look your very best.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth can be one of the biggest giveaways of a person’s age. Even if you’ve kept a youthful complexion (or had a little work done to make it that way!), your teeth can let you down. Stains, discolourations, chips or even missing teeth will all contribute to ageing your face. Cosmetic dentistry such as veneers and teeth whitening are all non-surgical, and are an excellent way to make your face look youthful and vibrant.

Anti-Ageing Face Massage

Techniques such as anti-ageing face massage can be useful for some people. The muscles in the face need to relax just as any other muscle in the body does. When they’re tense, they’re much more likely to form wrinkles. A face massage can release this tension, relax the muscles and also improve the circulation. Increasing the blood flow like this helps to bring nutrients from the blood to the skin and also improve lymph drainage. This is handy if you suffer from puffiness in the face. There are techniques you can try at home to do this, and one to two minute massages in the evening can act as a good prevention against further lines. However for the best results, it’s worth going to a professional who will know the exact techniques to use. This won’t be the kind of thing where you’ll see instant results, but can be helpful over time and also help to prevent further wrinkles from forming. Plus it’s really relaxing!

Anti-Ageing Skincare Products

Good anti ageing products should feature in everyone’s routine; you can start with them as young as your early twenties. They keep the skin supple and hydrated which protects it from damage, as well as drying out which can lead to premature ageing. Good quality anti-ageing skin care will contain ingredients such as retinol, peptides, hydroxy acids and coenzyme q10. Always check the label. Don’t just assume that because something says ‘anti-aging’ on the pot that it will actually have any anti-ageing benefits. As a general rule, more expensive skincare products will contain the highest levels of these ingredients. So it can be worth splurging here providing you know what you’re looking for. Anti-ageing skin care will help to soften the look of fine lines and also act as a preventative measure. Again it’s not going to be a miracle cure, but it’s one extra step in taking care of your skin. Choose a daily moisturizer which also contains SPF, the sun’s rays are one of the most damaging things for skin (even during the colder months). Protect against this and your skin will stay looking youthful for much longer. Including facial oils and pampering treatments like face masks on a weekly basis can also help to provide your skin with everything it needs.


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Body Sculpting

It’s not just our skin that can age us, but our body shape can be a dead giveaway too. Body sculpting techniques are useful for anyone who is at a healthy weight but has areas of stubborn fat they can’t shift. This can happen due to age, we hold weight in areas we never used to, and certain places are all but resistant to diet and exercise. Body sculpting can give you a more slender and youthful shape and help shift these annoying, stubborn areas. Fat freezing procedures are done by ‘controlled cooling’ as fat cells literally self-destruct when they get too cold. Techniques cool the fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissues by using a vacuum-like device on the skin. The body then eliminates these cells naturally in the body in the space of a few weeks. Another non-surgical procedure offering similar results is laser fat removal. These techniques can provide excellent results but without the downtime, pain or scars as traditional liposuction.

As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic routes you can take to rewind the years without going under the knife. Of course, in very extreme cases, procedures such as surgical face and body lifts are likely to be the best option. But for most people, these other treatments can have an incredible difference on the overall look of the body and skin. You can look younger and feel great without much pain or recovery time whatsoever.

Would you ever consider any of these procedures, or have you had any of them done? If so, how did it work for you?

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