How much chocolate can you eat if you are pregnant? Experts says it’s very safe to eat chocolate as long as watch your caffeine, sugar and calorie intake.

If you like Dark Chocolate.

Dark chocolate is a source of antioxidants, which neutralize free acids in your body that can cause cell death.
It also contains calcium that contributes to bone health those antioxidants in cocoa also offer other health benefits, including lower blood pressure.
Remember dark chocolates offer superior health benefits over milk chocolate.

Anyway, you always like to make an exception. I remember that with Maia I wanted to eat chocolate every day. I would come home, relax and simply open a chocolate bar and treat myself. Sometimes it was dark chocolate, other milk chocolate or caramel. The key is moderation.

eating-chocolates-during-pregnancy (1)

Greatest deal

Sometimes I bought chocolate in supermarkets or chocolate stores, but let’s face it? Who has time to buy daily in a supermarket, in the XXI century I try to buy everything possible online to save time. And this is possibly the best “MAMA HACK” that I can give you, not only buy online but also simplify your life in all possible ways.

And taking advantage of the fact that we talk about deals and simplify our daily life. You have to visit the . They have incredible offers of chocolate that I consider, my greatest pleasure! Cadbury chocolates are my biggest treat: drinking chocolate, rose chocolate, winterland chocolate, too many to choose only one…

And remember, as long as you  watch your caffeine, sugar and calorie intake eat Chocolate is positive! Studies by the university of Atlanta shows that eating chocolate has a positive impact on placenta and fetal growth, and decrease the risk of preclampsia.

What’s your favorite chocolate? My current favorite one is Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Peanut Butter and you can find it only for £7.50 £1 + shipping in lastest deals!!

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