Christmas Special:Choosing the best perfume for Her.
Christmas Special:Choosing the best perfume for Her.



Choose the correct perfume sometimes is really hard.

Especially because (more often than not) we associate a particular smell with a person. So you have to be careful while select a fragrance because tends to reflect one’s personality.
For example, a floral fragrance is associated with someone who is feminine, while a strong musk tends to depict the personality of strong independent women.
Usually, light perfumes are worn during the day and concentrated ones for night.
Perfumes tend to smell different on different people. It all depends on how it reacts with a person’s the skin type.


Types of perfumes:



She is sweet, romantic, feminine and soft?
Then probably she is looking for a Floral Perfume. Floral scents are feminine and romantic.
They contain the scent of either one flower like rose, gardenia, jasmine, violet, magnolia, lavender or a bouquet of several varieties.

Floral Scent

Floral Scent by onlydopefashion featuring a daisy perfume

Narciso rodriguez perfume, €74 / Gucci rose perfume, €62 / Balenciaga eau de perfume, €55 / Viktor Rolf floral perfume, €125 / Marc Jacobs daisy perfume, €51 / Guerlain perfume, €45 / Forever 21 hair accessory, €2,04 / Flower hair accessory, €3,21


She is a secure, independent and very sensual.
These scents tend to be muskier and small rich and slightly spicy with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and clove.

Oriental Scent

Oriental Scent por onlydopefashion con red candle holders

Kenzo fragrance, €18 / Heart perfume, €76 / Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana fragrance, €79 / Guerlain perfume, €71 / Lancôme fragrance, €68 / Gucci beauty product, €63 / Outdoor decor, €475 / Home decor, €14 / Home decor, €14 / Red candle holder, €200


Some girls prefer perfumes with Green Scent for the day, because are more fresh and cool than the rest, especially for summer.
Think fresh cut grass, crushed leaves and other fresh, cool scents that bring to mind the outdoors and open spaces. Also Earthy and woodsy scent, sometimes even citrus.

Green Scent

Green Scent by onlydopefashion featuring a green bath mat

Gucci black perfume, €68 / DKNY fragrance, €62 / Ralph Lauren Big Pony pink perfume, €51 / Burberry perfume, €55 / Clinique gift sets kit, €54 / Abyss Habidecor green bath mat, €230


These ones are perfect for sporty girls,
Oceanic scents are clean, almost-masculine with hints of spice and citrus.

Ocean Scent

Ocean Scent por onlydopefashion con woven placemats

Giorgio Armani eau de perfume, €73 / Elizabeth arden perfume, €20 / Dolce Gabbana fragrance, €41 / Ralph Lauren fragrance, €25 / Davidoff fruity perfume, €34 / Tommy Hilfiger flower perfume, €39 / Woven placemat, €13

If after that you still having doubts you can try this website.


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