Cleaning Can Make You Look Better? Yes, It Can!
Cleaning Can Make You Look Better? Yes, It Can!


It is generally accepted that a neat, organized home is an attractive one. But what if your house wasn’t the only thing that looked better after a good cleaning? As it turns out, the hard work of cleaning and organizing can help you look better too. So how can you make those household chores do double duty for your home and your body? Here are a few ideas to help you rethink housework.

Contributes to Your Workout
You know that exhausted feeling you get after washing all the windows or scrubbing the kitchen floor? It happens because you are using a lot of muscles to get those jobs done. The hard work these tasks require can count toward reaching your exercise goals, all without having to hit the gym.

Take vacuuming, for instance. Did you know that vacuuming is a great workout? It’s true: A person of average weight will burn up to 180 calories per hour of vacuuming, and get quite a few of those 10,000 daily steps in as well. This chore uses several muscle groups: arms, core, back and leg muscles all get engaged, and the more your vacuum cleaner weighs, the greater the workout. Like this article suggests, try to alternate which hand you use to push the vacuum to evenly work both sides of your body.

Many other household tasks can also be considered exercise, and a simple online search can provide you with more detailed information on which chores burn the most calories. Who needs the gym?


Reduces Stress

Stress isn’t pretty, and living in a dirty and disorganized house can leave you harried, haggard and stressed out. Constantly searching through haphazard items or rushing to wash that outfit you need for tomorrow is draining. Even though it may take some work to get started, having your home organized and neat can help lessen those stress levels. It can also help you to quickly find that particular lipstick when you’re in a hurry and trying to get out the door.

Beauty Inspires Beauty
Beauty can be very contagious! When you work toward making your home environment more clean and attractive, it can cause you to see beauty in other things as well; yourself, for instance. You may find that you feel the urge to dress a little nicer when your closet is clean, or to try a new hairstyle when your bathroom isn’t a mess.

In addition to the mental space created by reduced stress levels, the effort you invest in cleaning and organizing can also free up time to try out these new ideas. Take full advantage of the momentum you are building!

Encourages a Disciplined Lifestyle
Another side benefit to cleaning is one that may be easily overlooked. When you dedicate time and effort to a discipline like a steady housework routine, you can train yourself to become a more disciplined person overall. This can help you physically look better by causing you to build self-care routines for tasks, like tooth whitening or scheduling regular haircuts, that aren’t very fun and can be easy to put off. Let the good habits you are establishing in one area of life spill over into other areas as well.

Isn’t it great when you can get two for the price of one? Getting your home clean and organized not only provides you with that sense of satisfaction from a job well done, but it can also have an energizing effect on your physical appearance. Positive change feels good, so use that new energy to the full extent. Be inspired to get busy working towards the clean house of your dreams, and enjoy looking good while you do it!

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