Combining Comfort and Style
Combining Comfort and Style

Sometimes the pursuit of fashion means sacrificing comfort. Not all trends are built around making you feel snug and pampered – look no further than your nearest pair of high heels for an example of the pain people are prepared to put up with in the name of looking good.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Whether it’s bringing a bit of comfort to a chic evening outfit, or importing some up to the second fashion magic into your lazy Sunday morning ensemble, the world of 2017 gives you plenty of options to work with.


Let’s start at the bottom: if you’re looking to increase your comfort levels but keep on trend, picking the right shoes is the most important thing you can do. There are plenty of alternatives to a pair of ankle-wrecking high heels. If you have a formal event to attend, you can still meet the dress code and exceed your friends’ expectations without forcing yourself into a pair of heels if you don’t want to. You can even wear the right pair of flats on your wedding day without fear of transgressing the unwritten rules of high heels. Tabitha Simmons has some glamorous ballet flats that have all the style of a pair of heels but none of the pain, so your feet don’t need to suffer to make you look good!


Casual Classics

If you want to add a bit of fashion edge to your comfort-focussed casual wardrobe, the two worlds have been colliding for some time now, and you have a lot to choose from. Movements like Athleisure have been importing fashion ideals into the world of active wear, and bringing back styles from sportswear into fashion but that’s not quite what we’re about today. We’re looking at ways to style up the most comfortable, low stress parts of your wardrobe, so you look good even when you’re relaxing at home.

Smaller fashion houses are taking an inventive approach to traditionally mass-market clothes, bringing luxurious materials and world class designers into play to make these normally very ordinary clothes into something special. Look for luxury onesies, high-end track pants, and cashmere hoodies to turn your weekend wardrobe into a high-fashion, high-comfort playground.

Chinti and Parker offer a black cashmere onesie with a striking star pattern that elevates it from lazy-day comfort wear to a proud member of your wardrobe.


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