Where have you been and where did you come from?
Where have you been and where did you come from?

There are many who don’t know beyond two generations or three of the history. I include myself in this group, due to the short time, the hurries with which we live, I have often thought about asking my mother about her ancestors. It is incredible what can be discovered. It’s good to know your ancestors and your roots, somehow, generation after generation it has left a “mark” we could call it a unique “seal of identity” that made you who you are today.
I am not speaking about material things, I mean less tangible things such as culture, as the signs of identity and even the way of seeing life. Generation after generation, that wisdom passes from mothers to daughters, from grandmothers to granddaughters.

Then, how can we know about our ancestors, their mark and their heritage?
A reliable source option may be to ask your parents or grandparents. In that way I knew that I have a family in Cuba, Island and in France and that my grandmother was a pioneer women in southern Spain, one of the first female merchants in the postwar period.


La Talanquera, festivity from my father childhood. Known as the Winter Masquerades are celebrations of pre-Roman origin. There are demonic masquerades, typical of pastoral and zoomorphic communities, typical of the agrarian world and other characters. Socially, it was a celebration common to many towns in this area of Sanabria.

Knowing this data makes me think that the women of my family are all born with a lot of personality, we’re enterprising women, Could it be the genetic fingerprint? And I am very surprised than a festivity from pre-roman origin still remains in some towns of Spain in XXI century.

Many of you will find it harder than you thought, it’s not easy to ask some of your relatives or even at a certain point of the way that genetic fingerprint will stop and won’t allow you to continue as it happened to me.
But don’t worry, you will still have the libraries, the municipal archives and finally websites like CRI Genetics to help you throughout the process. They mastered that DNA research saving you a lot of time and present it to you in a way that’s interesting, useful, and easy to understand.

Your CRI Genetics Ancestry Report is really 2 ancestry reports in 1.
One report shows you a breakdown of the most recent ancestries in your family history. The other goes back much farther to show you the Ancient Origins of your DNA.

I don’t know if you are willing to take that interesting journey but without a doubt, this trip is not only one way, since knowing our ancestors is proven to know a part of us that may be asleep.

Are you ready?

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