Dallas Wholesale’s Tips for Smart Buying of Wedding Rings
Dallas Wholesale’s Tips for Smart Buying of Wedding Rings

Two rings symbolize marriage – engagement ring and wedding ring. And while this first one is a surprise for a future bride, choosing wedding rings is something that couples usually do together. It can make them closer and to better know the taste and style of the partner.


The wedding ring may be tiny, but it’s definitely one of the most relevant items before the wedding ceremony. It’s jewelry you will wear all your life, and it has certain symbolism. More about the meaning and history of wedding bands check here.

Couples usually have many questions before making a final choice of wedding rings. We have highlighted a few things to consider when buying this symbol of your love and dedication.

Wedding Ring Dimensions and Features


One of the first steps in buying the wedding rings is to choose the shape – whether it will be flat, round or concave. You should take care of comfort, especially f you are doing a job that involves your hands. It may be best to buy the comfort fit ring instead of the standard fit (the entire ring surface is flat). The wedding band shouldn’t be too thin, as it can pinch and bother you. Also, it’s not good to be too loose and flat, because it would disturb you in daily routine.

You will determine the width and ring diameter on the spot when you try the model in the jewelry store. If buying online, always chose reputable jeweler with a good return policy, in case you buy the wrong size or something else is not as you imagined.

Also, one of the most important factors in selecting wedding rings is massiveness. This is something you’ll buy once and carry a lifetime. That’s why you should not save on this piece of jewelry. The rings that are light and thin are generally hollow. As such, it can deform or break after prolonged wear.

Matching or Non-Matching Rings


From the classic wedding rings that represented the basic gold band, we came to a wide selection of this piece of jewelry. So the question is – should the wedding rings be identical? The answer to this question is easy the tastes of the bride and groom match. However, this is a rare situation.

Men opt for simple models, while ladies like to spice the things up with various engravings, precious stones, and so on. You should find a compromise because wedding rings are a symbol of joining two souls and a way of recognizing your love.

Rings don’t have to be completely identical, but they should be the same color. For example, the male ring can be simple, with some modest work on it. Shira Wholesale Diamonds suggest ladies ask for details like precious stones or engraving to their wedding band. You can even create your custom wedding ring – many diamond wholesalers offer this service.

Which Color Is Yours?



Today, wedding rings can be made in of gold or platinum in a whole variety of colors. Still, those made of white gold are still the most popular. But pink and black gold, so as metals like palladium or titanium, threatens to endanger its position.

Find out about palladium, which is the ‘newbie’ in the jewelry world, on the following source:


As with all jewelry, it is necessary for the wedding ring to fit into your style, as well as physical characteristics. For example, in dark-skinned people, white gold rings will look pretty stylish, as it will stand out from the color of their complexion. But that doesn’t mean people with bright skin should avoid them.

Also, pay attention to the color of your hair and eyes. Choose the color of your wedding bands that match with these features. In case you want rings with diamonds or gemstones, make them match your eye color. If you’re not sure which one is that, you can always ask a jeweler for advice.


Never worry about fashion trends and don’t leave the choice of wedding rings to chance. If you are doubtful, it’s best to opt for some more classic models that will fit in with every outfit. Try and choose the ones that best suit you and your personality.

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