What Are the Differences Between Prom and Homecoming Dresses?
What Are the Differences Between Prom and Homecoming Dresses?

Many young women are not exactly sure what the differences between a prom and a homecoming dress actually are, so we’ve put this article together to help you gain a deeper understanding of the two occasions and the style of dress that should be worn.

The Events Are Held at Different Times of the Year

The homecoming is held early in the academic year and is seen as a chance for the all students to get together in a semi-formal event that takes the form of a dance. This means you need two separate outfits (wearing the same dress would be fashion suicide), and later in the article, we’ll talk about the ideal dress styles for the homecoming dance.


The Prom is for Upper Grade Students

While all the students can attend the homecoming, only the upper grades are invited to the prom, which is very much a way to say goodbye to those that you have got to know and studying with people is a quick way to make friends.


The Setting

The prom is seen as the more formal event, so your dress style should reflect this. Plus, the prom won’t be held in the school gym, which is always the preferred location for the homecoming dance. The prom is often held at a private function room, or perhaps leasing a section of a resort for the evening, so don’t expect the prom to be held at school.


The Prom Dress

As the prom is slightly more formal, you can expect to spend more than with the homecoming outfit, and with an affordable mermaid dress for prom and other formal events that include every style and colour, you are sure to be noticed for the right reasons. If the mermaid looks don’t excite, an online boutique would have an extensive catalogue of designer brand prom dresses and outfits for every occasion, all at affordable prices.


The Homecoming Dress

The big difference between the two is that homecoming allows dresses above the knee, or shorter, which is a chance to show off those great legs. You have much more leeway with dress styles, and you can choose something you feel comfortable wearing. With online designer dress boutiques, you can view stunning dresses and gowns for every event. When you order online, allow some time for your local seamstress to make those final tweaks that will make the dress look like it has been tailored.


The Prom

The prom has a deeper meaning for the students, as they have formed many relationships along the way, and this is both a time for celebration of the finishing the 12 years of formal education and a chance to go over memories. Of course, take lots of stills and video. The prom is very much regarded as a milestone in a girl’s life, and it is traditional to dress up and really let your hair down, so make sure that you are already thinking outfits well in advance.

Whether it’s the homecoming or the prom, selecting the right outfit is paramount. With plenty of online designer dress boutiques, you have the perfect solution for any event.

**This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

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