How to Ensure Your Hair Always Looks Amazing
How to Ensure Your Hair Always Looks Amazing

I think we’d all love to have hair that looked fabulous 24/7, but some people just don’t know how to treat it. Here, we’re going to talk about the best ways to make your hair look on point all the time. Take a look and see if you can use any of these tips!


Know Your Hair Type

If you don’t know your hair type, you can’t purchase products that suit it. Is it fine, thick, frizzy? Make sure you know exactly what it is so you can use the right products to make it look awesome.

Prep it Properly

Once you’ve washed your hair, you need to prep it properly. If you don’t prep it properly, then you can’t expect it to do what you want it to do once it’s dry. Apply a volumising mousse if it’s flat, for instance, and a moroccan oil to give it moisture. If you have thinning hair, there are products to help that too. Read reviews so you know what’ll be good for you hair, like this Toppik review. Be sure to only apply the recommended amount of product so you don’t weigh it down or make it greasy.

Don’t Wash Too Often

Don’t wash your hair too often, or you might find that it gets greasier much quicker. Instead, try to leave a few days in between washing, using dry shampoo to soak up grease. You’ll also get more volume this way!

Don’t Use Heat Too Often

Using heat too much won’t get you very far. Keep heat to a minimum. If you blow dry it well enough after washing, you might not need to use heat on it at all!

Protect it

Protect it whenever you plan on using heat on it or you’ll end up killing it. Spray on a good protectant spray when it’s wet, and you should find your condition improves!

Make it Shiny

Shiny hair looks so much healthier than dry hair, so make it shiny by spritzing on shine spray to your finished style.


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Intensive Treatments

An intensive treatment every once in a while is good, even if you don’t think you need it. It’ll keep your hair in great condition and stop it from drying out. Apply a mask once a week or once a fortnight and it should get healthier than it’s ever been!

Know What Suits Your Face Shape

Knowing what suits your face shape will help when it comes to styling your hair. Some face shapes can get away with short, edgy styles while others need hair to frame their face. It isn’t just about the hair; it’s the whole package! There will still be lots for your unique shape, so don’t worry. Make sure you know what suits your shape and you’ll automatically look amazing!

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Follow these tips and you’ll love the effect they have on your hair. You’ll get a ton of compliments and have the healthiest hair you’ve ever had. Leave any comments below with tips of your own. Come back soon!

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