Fabulousness and Iconic.
Fabulousness and Iconic.

From the Jackie to Audrey we always get inspiration and we always found in every women of this list a source of inspiration for fashion (and even lifestyle!).
All these amazing women leave a huge footprint in Fashion Industry and today OnlyDopeCrew want to rescue some of their iconic pieces to light your closet with some Fabulousness and Iconic style.

Swing Coat.
Grace Kelly.

grace kelly 2

Grace Kelly reigned as Hollywood royalty for years but oh wait, she actually become a real life Princess, the dream of every little girl.
She was so fabulous, stylish and chic! She was pioneering the trend of wearing oversized coats (when everybody was wondering if she was pregnant all the time). The thing is swing coat became iconic thanks to her, and now are a must in any vintage outfit.

Grace Kelly Photographing Frank Sinatra

Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and Papas

Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas

Marni, Burberry, The Row, Preen… Turtlenecks are making a big return to fashion industry. It can be chunky, thin, patterned, even boyfriend fit! No one could resist to turtleneck since Audrey to Jackie but if there is someone iconic who was wearing it like a boss it was Michelle Phillips. (We have to say in 60s turtleneck was a basic, and then it became a taboo…)





Capri pants.
Audrey Hepburn.

Love in the Afternoon (1957) - Audrey Hepburn

Nowadays we can find Capri pants (also known by crop pants) in so many shapes and prints. Audrey used to wear slim-fit capris stopping at her ankles.
We really love Capri since are very playful and trendy, if you are short, wear it with heels. And very important! Avoid nude shoes with beige/neutral Capri pants if you don’t want to shorten your legs.


Faboulous Sunglasses.
Jackie O.



Jackie Kennedy wasn’t just a style icon; we could be talking about J for the rest of the post. She took chic to a whole new level.
Cat eye, vintage inspired… Sunglasses were her very best “never go out without”. There is no rule about wearing vintage sunglasses except “Get ‘em bigger!”


Crop Top.
Marilyn Monroe.


Photo of Marilyn Monroe

Even 50 years after her death, Marilyn is still making headlines. She had her own signature and style. She said to all the girls all over the world “Don’t be afraid and embrace your body!”
Crop tops are sexy, and confident and scream by itself “Look at me I love my body!” , you even can lace your favorite sleeveless shirt and work it like it was a crop top.



The Tulle Skirt.


She is the Queen of pop! (no doubt) but she also influenced so many designers and made a real revolution at 80s decade.
Our favorite style is when she paired tulle skirts with punk-rock tees. And taahdaa!
Tulle Skirts are back! Inspire your style in the queen of rock but make it softer with a shirt (if you are not into punk style at all, what looks amazing!) We highly recommend a midi-skirt in neutral hues,(like Sarah Jessica Parker at Sex at the city) easy to wear, easy to pair. But the limit…. Is your imagination.



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