If you love fashion, Tuscany is the place for you, not only because Tuscany (and Italy) is full of top-brand shopping and designers ateliers but also because the region is plenty of fashion museums featuring some of the most important designers Houses.
Tuscany fashion is known by the very mediterranean style, drawing inspiration from old-world Europe, it feels timeless, passionate, unique and somehow sexy. After all tuscany is home to the world’s most famous fashion designers and labels. From Gucci, Diesel to Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana…and one of the leading countries in fashion design, alonside others such as France, United States, UK, Germany and Japan.

You can find the greatest stores at: www.to-tuscany.com/travel-guide/things-to-do/shopping-in-tuscany

Then, how to achieve the Tuscany style? Our helpful tips and inspiring photos will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Tuscany Fashion.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli said once “I love a woman, I love to judge how beautiful she is, how beautiful I can make her”
Is one of the top designers from Tuscany, his designs inspire the world by his well-known exotic prints and because he was the creator of the sand-blasted look for jeans.

The girl cavalli is effortless sexy and very chic. Insecurities? She doesn’t know the meaning of that word she is in this world to rock the world and nothing less. You can find her in a cafe wearing a Navajo patterns, a maxi dress or kimono and next time you see her she is wearing ripped jeans, off shoulder shirt or even an animal print top.
She has her own style and isn’t afraid to show it.
Now, if you think you have what it takes to be a CAVALLI GIRL. Follow our steps to achieve the perfect look.

Boho Girl
Denim Girl


The first Gucci shop was founded in Florence in 1921. Many of his designs were inspired by horseracing, and his company quickly became known for its incredible level of craftsmanship. In 1932 Guccio created the first loafer shoe. Even today a great variety of designers reinvent every season the loafer shoe and is one of the top trends of SS.
How is the GUCCI girl then? She has the spirit of trend-setting street style! She loves vintage and knit, oversized suglasses and slippers.
Are you ready to be the GUCCI girl?

Gucci Girl
Gucci 2

Emilio Pucci

Heir of the noble Pucci family of Florence, and known worldwide for the iconic prints of his scarves.
It always reminds me of the Italian nobility. In those moments when Florence was the capital of fashion and art in the Renaissance. Brocade, oversized dressed, gypsy feels…all mixed. Emilio Pucci girl has to love risky fashion, she loves to innovate, to mix trends until create a style of her own.
She is a visionary, she is royalty and she is wild and free all in one. Do you dare to be the Pucci girl?

Pucci Girl
Pucci Girl 2

Salvatore Ferragamo

I can’t end my post without speaking about Salvatore Ferragamo. Ferragamo worked with many Hollywood stars in the 1920s, and once he returned to Italy he opened the company making unique handmade footwear.
Ferragamo was always recognized as a visionary, his artistic and creative approach to shoes spawned many innovations such as the wedge heel and cage heel and he was the favorite designer of people like Eva Peron or Marilyn Monroe.
Ferragamo girl loves Block-Color trend, she loves Hollywood golden age. She loves experimenting with color, and fill this way with colorful and unique garments her wardrobe.

Are you the FERRAGAMO girl?

Ferragamo Girl 2

Now that you have all the necessary looks to succeed in the streets of Tuscany remember: Emphasize your curves is essential, don’t be afraid of high heels, invest in statement pieces, don’t forget a pair of maxi-sunglasses and be yourself!

Aireen xox

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