How To Get The Best Bridal Look That Won’t Break The Bank
How To Get The Best Bridal Look That Won’t Break The Bank

Whatever look you want, getting your wedding makeup right is an essential part of feeling your best on your big day. But not everyone has the opportunity or the money to employ a professional makeup artist for their wedding. If this applies to you, then check out our tips below on how to get the perfect bridal look.


So the number one thing that you have to get right to have amazing wedding makeup is your foundation. Pick one that is closest to your natural skin color as possible. Remember to try them on your actual face and not just on the back of your hands as this will not give you a good color match.

Once you have the right shade, then apply it with a brush or a beauty blender for the best coverage. It’s important that you spend the time buffing the foundation into the skin to get a natural even coverage. Pay particular attention to your nose and the edges of your chin. You don’t want any orange lines in those photos!


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Once you have applied and set your foundation, you can go in with the concealer. While most people think using a concealer is about dotting it on in certain places, it should be applied more liberally than that.

In fact, the best use is to apply inverted triangle then run from the bottom of the eyes down the cheek. This simultaneously covers eye bags and any redness in the cheeks providing a flawless look.


Strong eyebrows are still on trend this season, but for a formal occasion, you might want to tone it down slightly. Once you have gone in with the dark color for the HD brow, take a little dab of foundation and place in at the center of the brow just above your nose. Then blend this out for an ombre look that just softens the edges.


While some people favor a natural eye, a fully graduated and made up one will hold a lot more drama for the photos. Start with applying a light color on the lid. Then go into the crease with a gray. Then apply an accent color in the corner of the eye, to make the pupils seem brighter.

It’s then a good idea to go over the look and blend it, before applying some liquid eyeliner and then mascara. If you are sure which ones to use check out sites like Site like these compared different products to help you decide.


Its also a good idea to make sure that your lips are ready for the day, by using a long wear lipstick or lip stains. Lip stain can work particularly well for an occasion where you need to look your best , but don’t have lots of time to reapply your lipstick. This is because the color is absorbed by your lips. Meaning you can apply a clear balm over the top to keep them soft, without losing the drama of the original shade you have used.

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