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I can’t be happier to be back, today we are featuring a brand I absolutely love, it’s called Dirty Velvet.
Dirty Velvet was born in 2006, their philosophy is simple, Dirty Velvet only creates high quality clothing with designs that offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream.
At Dirty Velvet they produce long lasting ethical clothing, made with minimal impact to the environment. All their T-shirts are produced using 100% organic cotton free of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.


Bold graphics and statement slogans emerged as a consistent feature in menswear clothing. Whatever it is a cartooned motif or a kitsch retro advertisement, they street’s playful take on sartorial propaganda.

That’s what I love from Dirty Velvet, they can be featured playfully on the streets, leading personality to the simplest of your looks. We can’t forget the key to choose your daily outfit must be based in your own personality and adapt those trends emerging every season to your personal style.

Party Animals T-Shirt

2016-04-24 (1)

2016-04-24 (2)
I love the graphic work in this T-shirt it’s versatile and quite traditional in colors but works amazing with jeans and navy accessories.
The best of Dirty Velvet T-Shirts leaving the design for a while is how soft their shirts are, it’s something really important and they achieve the compromise of using 100% organic cotton.

Monkey Pullover.

2016-04-24 (4)

2016-04-24 (5)
At first I liked the Skate dog pullover but I found this design used more often, in juxtaposition with the design I’ve choose.
I am amazed by the quality of the pullover, it worth every pound. Pullover range are about 46,95 £, and designs are as cool as the shirts with a small difference. They take it to the basics, and that’s good because your outfits will be more subdued and tame as opposed to overtly wacky and over the top.

No longer a secret: next season’s denim is ripped, patched, bleached, all but destroyed, basically. Pair it with Dirty Velvet pullovers in Dark Charcoal, Navy or Burgundy and you found a winner look.

So what you think? Are you slightly becoming a VELVETEER? Leave your comments and don’t forget to visit their website Stay tunned!

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My Opinion overall:

I expect so much from Dirty Velvet label; it’s definitely very unique and different from anything I’ve seen before and I think it could be a top option for improve your daily look if you are a boy, I wish they do also for girls.

And yes to organic cotton! I will be very glad to pay a few pounds more and buy a eco-unique alternative of my T-Shirts. In one year alone over 50 million pounds of pesticides were used on U.S. cotton fields. Pesticide and fertilizer use on cotton has been linked to ground and surface water contamination, and the pollution of drinking water.

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