How I Go About Choosing My Jewelry
How I Go About Choosing My Jewelry

I am jewelry mad; I love treating myself to new pieces. As you can see from a post I wrote a few days ago, when it comes to jewelry, I love designs that stand out. Creating that post got me thinking about how much time and effort we put into choosing our jewelry – picking the perfect piece is never easy is it?

Of course, while I am crazy about statement pieces, I don’t always want my jewelry to stand out. Sometimes, I want a piece that’s chic and elegant and gives my outfit a boost without being too in your face. I might love to shop, but when it comes to picking jewelry, sometimes I struggle – there’s just too much choice.


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While we all know how hard picking jewelry can be, I have come up with a few ways to make the process a little easier. Want to know more? Keep reading, below:


Take your outfit into account

 Always take what you’re wearing into account when it comes to choosing your jewelry. Often, when it comes to picking jewelry, many of us fail to take our look into consideration. However, if you want the pieces that you select to look good, you need to think about your outfit.

 If what you’re wearing is chic and simple, wearing a stand out necklace or pair of earrings can work well. Statement jewelry can add a beautiful pop of color, extra style, and a little glamor to your look. However, if you are wearing an outfit that already makes a statement, pieces of standout jewelry won’t work with it. Your best bet is to opt for simple jewelry designs that are elegant but not too eye-catching.

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Use your personal style

Just because all of your friends are into a certain type of jewelry or designer, that doesn’t mean that you have to be. When it comes to the pieces that you choose to wear, it’s important that you take your personal style into account. Don’t feel like you have to wear every jewelry type, wear what you like.

For instance, while you might dislike how earrings look, you may love how hoops look in a helix piercing at the top of the ear. Or, while you may not be keen on choker necklaces, you may love longer designs. The jewelry that you choose to wear is a personal preference, the style that you opt for is up to you.


Take your colorings into account

Many people fail to realize this, but when it comes to choosing jewelry, you should always take your colorings into account. You see, different skin tones work better with different metals, so it’s worth thinking about.

For example, cooler skin tones work well with silver, platinum and white gold, and for stones, pearls and diamonds look best. Whereas, warmer skin tones look better with yellow gold, copper and rose gold, and look fantastic with gold-toned pearls.

Obviously, the jewelry that you choose to wear is up to you. However, if you want to make jewelry shopping a little easier for yourself, take note of the tips above.

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