Gone Too Far On Retail Therapy? How To Right Your Shopping Wrongs
Gone Too Far On Retail Therapy? How To Right Your Shopping Wrongs

It happened in a blur.

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You were tired. Or stressed, overworked, and in need of a treat. You found yourself in a shopping mall. “I work hard,” you told yourself with sure confidence, “doesn’t everyone who works hard deserve a treat?”

So you shopped. You shopped like it was the last thing you would ever have the chance to do, pouring all of your emotional stresses into one of the most satisfying forms of therapy – retail therapy.

Then you wake up the next morning and reality hits. Suddenly, all of those purchases you deemed essential at the time now have a real price tag. They have a value, and you’re going to be expected to pay it. You find yourself sifting through what you bought, wondering why you picked pink for the new duvet set you don’t need, idly considering which items you might be able to repurpose as gifts.

Even with this, you find yourself struggling. You have a lot of stuff, and some of it is very personal – you love the new lingerie set, but it’s three-figures in cost. You can’t keep it, but you can’t give that as a gift without risking impropriety. So what do you do next?

1. Return To Store

The most obvious answer but it has to be considered. Check the selling regulations for your region and see if you might be able to return.

For some items, such as accessories and electrical items, that will usually be a simple process. Clothes and jewelry, however, can differ – usually on hygiene grounds as items can’t be listed for resale. You may also discover they won’t refund in cash but in credit slips, which doesn’t much help you with the credit card bill you’re already scared of arriving.

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Ultimately, returns are done to the letter of the law and how persuasive you can be when returning it.

2. Sell It On

If there’s no one to gift to (or you just can’t afford to keep it), then sell the item on. New and with tags will make a difference to your purchase price; even better if you still have the receipt. It’s a lot easier to think “I can sell my rolex” if you’ve not had time to get attached to it.

Don’t just think you’re restricted to eBay either. Look for consignment stores that will do all the photographing and work of selling an item for you. They will take a percentage of the eventual sale price, but the item is more likely to sell with these services. Better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing!

3. Tell Friends and Family

If you keep it light and cheeky, you can open items up to friends and family as gifts for you. Tell them you overspent but love the item, and if they want to give you the money you will consider it your next birthday/Christmas gift. You might even do them a favor – it can be tough to shop for gifts, and you’ve taken all of the effort out of it! Just don’t be demanding in the request; make it clear this is an offer that would help you out, not something you’re expecting them to do.

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