Is it a good idea to work at coworking spaces?
Is it a good idea to work at coworking spaces?

Times change, and despite the crisis and the instability of the markets, in the XXI century freelancers and entrepreneurs are breaking out to work on their own projects. Coworking spaces are very useful if you are starting as a entrepreneur or freelancer. They offer functionality and flexibility that you won’t see in a typical office, when they’re spaces shared with other professionals are also in a very interesting, cosmopolitan, technological, creative and intercultural environment.

All these spaces have some points in common, for example, that they all have several shared spaces with connectivity where you can make quick meetings or calls with clients, or where you can disperse in moments of rest. A shared space, or coworking site, gives you the benefits of a centrally-located business at a much more affordable price than a traditional commercial office (with savings of up to 25%).

For these and many other reasons, working in coworking, is interesting for your business.


Are you planning to move to a new co-working space?

When it comes to planning how to open your own office, whether or not it is in a coworking space you have to take into account several things. First of all, to avoid any mistakes that could turn into expenses, make sure that you have a plan for all the things to do. This should include tasks to do in advance and an unpacking plan to ensure you can get back to business as quickly as possible after the move.

Logistics factors are the hardest to handle. Contact a trusted agency, it’s essential that you feel provided of the necessary security so that everything goes smoothly. For example, a professional team of movers with years and years of experience.
Contact the right logistic partner is essential, after all they have to ensure everything is packed properly and moved carefully.

Other advice will be to announce your move with not less than 2 months, you’ll need to plan a detailed email, newsletter segment, town hall presentation, or brief video to tell employees about the big move lasttly, don’t forget to schedule press release and client announcement if you are moving of address.


TIP: If  you have to paint or  clean up, keep in mind that renting an accessible storage even if it’s for extended periods of time or short term while it is very interesting, it may seem an extra cost but in reality, it is a cost that amortizes since having no boxes or objects that impede the reform, it will take much fewer days than scheduled and the company will be operational much earlier.

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