Tomorrow is one of the most horrorific nights: Its Halloween!!
All the streets will look like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson: dark, bloody, scary, but with dances and fun around . Many vampires, goshts and even our favourite horrors movie main characters will be relaxed walking around in our cities.
In this special will give you ideas to have the best scary, funny but always glamorous best Halloween:


First thing you have to think is about how you want to look?? your favourite horror character??
Theres our 3 favourite looks:



Don`t forget put too many blood on your dress, face and body will be shown.






This is the most important tip to have the best amazing look for that night. We choose two looks: Maleficent and one of the most famous costumes, Vampire.


  • First of all, moisturizer your face.
  • Apply the foundation and we start put it on the cheeks (to make the sunken effect) blusher powder, much darker tone than your natural color (dark brown for example).
  • Let’s start with the eyes: we will use a “vanilla” shadow as base, apply it on the whole lids.
  • Then we will use dark purple shadow for the crease and light purple on the lids, less in the corners (outer lids) where we will use the same dark purple as before. After that, apply carbon color on the outer corners. You can use green shadow for the lower lids.
  • Make a “feline” line on your eyes with an eyeliner. Use carbon color or  blur your eyeliner on the outer corner to make your look deeper. You can add yellow/light green lenses as Angelina Jolie did.
  • Finally on the lips, apply a glossy pink lipstick, or if you don’t have, apply a normal pink lipstick and after put a usual gloss on. And there it is! sexy and feline look!



This look it will be scary and so hipnotize.

  • The biggining is the same as the previous one. Apply mosturizer and a white base. It has to look really white.
  • For this look we need red shadow to make it look like blood. Apply it on the whole lids (upper and lower) don’t worry if you put too much, tonight it’s even good apply a lot of makeup. And blur the lower lid’s part going down.
  • With a black or dark purple pencil we are going to draw irregular lines in the same part as we blur the red shadow, make it seem real veins. You can draw a few on the movile lid, just a few it`s okay.
  • After that, apply black shadow on the whole eye (upper and lower)as much as you can, as we did with the red. But just on the lids.
  • On the lips, apply a normal red lipstick and a black color pencil as profiler. And as the final touch, apply artificial blood as if you just bitted someone’s neck.


You are ready for your best “trick or treat” party: so fabulous and scary, boo!!

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