As some of you know, I became Brand Ambassador for Anatomicals and is pretty cool because I love the brand concept. I discovered Anatomicals surfing on ASOS website, the first thing I noticed is the poppy design of all their products, but after purchase The Jet Savior Test and test the products I realized a few things:

-Creams are extremely light weight what is perfect for summer.
-Are non greasy and absorbed in skin in a matter of seconds.
-Same time…Staying power is really good!
-Anatomicals is not expensive like other brands.
-Easy to use and carry.

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About Anatomicals:

If you’re on this planet for 80 years, do you know how many days you’ll spend showering? We do. and it’s a lot. In fact, if you shower for 10 minutes a day, every day, you’ll spend an incredible 195.5 days getting your body clean.

If it takes you 20 seconds to wash your hands, you’ll also spend an amazing 39 days helping prevent germs. Personal hygiene is tedious and time consuming enough, which is why you need anatomicals to make your daily ablutions a little more exciting and fun. We’re bold, we’re British, we’re ballsy and we only want you for your body.

Albeit from a distance in the case of those who think their precious lifetime is better spent on less fragrant pursuits.


After introduce Anatomicals philosophy I want to review a few of the products I was gifted (because are a lot, thank you very much Anatomicals ❤︎) today review will be focused in products you CAN actually carry away and all are a real life savior!

❤︎Oi! You Throbhead {Headache Relief Balm}❤︎.
❤︎Ta-ta to ooh ouch ah! {Joint + Muscle Rub}❤︎.
❤︎High noon for the prune {Dry Relief Balm}❤︎.
❤︎Never Lose your Cherry. {Fruity Lip Balm}❤︎.
❤︎No old bags allowed. {Eye Gel}❤︎.
❤︎Stop Cracking up {Lip Balm}❤︎.

❤︎Oi! You Throbhead {Headache Relief Balm}❤︎.

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I suffer from awful migraines quite frequently, and I can confirm It does exactly what it says it will! Scent is not too overpowering and it’s not very oily, what was one of my worries.
I recommend it for migraines or also as best way to combat jet lag.
How to use it: Rub the balm into your temples and let it work, you can repeat when necessary.
It was made of essential oils and extracts such as lavander, cooling mint and eucalyptus, the perfect mix of calmness and refreshment.

❤︎No old bags allowed. {Eye Gel}❤︎.

2016-08-13 (1)

The reason I love this gel is simple, I work till late and wake up early, that means I never get to sleep my 8 hours but I don’t want to look tired. It is formulated with cooling gel that smooths and tights your skin, reducing the bags under your eyes. It is very light, and after use it for 2 days I can confirm it refreshes my eyes so well, my skin is sensitive kind and I can confirm I didn’t suffer irritation while my eyes feel refreshed.
How to use it: Apply under your eyes and enjoy the cooling effect, after you will feel your bags reduced, and shadow lines almost completely gone.

❤︎Never Lose your Cherry. {Fruity Lip Balm}❤︎.

2016-08-13 (2)

I love the fragance and the fact it is SPF 15. It smells incredible, but is not light like mmm maybe vaseline could be, the texture is more like jelly or a lipgloss, and it provides a gorgeous soft red tint.
After use it I feel my lips look fuller and healthier.
How to use it: Apply carefully, the texture as I said is glossy and not very liquid so if you apply too much it will be difficult to distribute.
Even the texture I prefer this balm to the stop cracking balm because tastes and smells sooo good!

❤︎Ta-ta to ooh ouch ah! {Joint + Muscle Rub}❤︎.

2016-08-13 (3)

And this is the latest product that will be included in the review today.
Did I say I am going to Tailand very soon? I remember my last trip my body was on pain after doing all day tourism, but not just that, walking all day, play sports, even sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
This product takes up so little in the bag and is so practical that would be a shame to leave it at home.
It contains powerful CO2 Extracts of Arnica Montana and Black Pepper and Help soothe the discomfort associated with poor circulation, general stiffness, sprains, and sciatica.
How to use it: Apply directly to skin on shoulders, knees, elbows, back, or anywhere you’re sore.

Aireen xoxo

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