Get the AW14/15 Haze of Purple
Get the AW14/15 Haze of Purple

Summer time, bargain, we already have our basic wardrobe done, right?

Then it is time to start thinking about the pieces you will start craving for next season!

The power of purple pantone on next AW14/15 is undeniable; it is one of the most vibrant, rich and passionate of the Color Palette.

Purple Haze

Next FW14/15 it will be a mini trend for itself. We saw it in runaways past season and it always take a bit long to see it in High Street Fashion. But if you are purple lover, then this is your season!
Peony, African Violet and Radiant Orchid will be one of the hottest of the season. (Concretely pantone 18-3027.)

There are a few ways to pair Purple Haze with other trends.





Of course we have Black and Dark neutral charcoal. For example, a purple blouse under a dark suit looks perfect for work. Or a dark charcoal dress with purple shoes and bag.

Office Time


Eye-popping look.


Extremely cool and poppy! Give it a chance with grass green or lime. Nothing better than a purple coat with a bright green scarf. It radiates personality and good vibes!

Purple and Lime


Play it with prints.


If you are looking for something else more sophisticated you have the get into the luxurious vibe! Play purple with prints like zebra, holographic, sequins, or rich jacquard.
Oh! And double check one of the hottest and newest trends sport luxe, it could work perfectly with sequins or holographic material and purple.

Luxe Print


Silver and Gold.


Any of the shades we saw before work very well with Gold and Silver.
Pair a purple cocktail dress with gold or silver rich slacks could be a great alternative to black or navy.
Do not go head-to-toe purple, it will be too much.


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New Collaboration: McQ x Puma AW14/15


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