How to enhance your daily look.
How to enhance your daily look.

Dressing like a IT-GIRL is not easy, especially if you want to show your own personality. We find inspiration from the catwalks or fashion blogs to dress each season and even when renewing the closet.
But where do designers find their inspiration? Maybe they find inspiration in books, films, maybe vintage clothing? The birth of a trend is almost an unknown territory for many of us.

And even if we manage to find that inspiration, where is the midpoint between, copied or inspired by a look?

If you want to get the perfect look definitely have to take risks. Color your look with not-ordinary shapes, colors and new styles.




-Don’t copy instead try to accentuate your individuality.
-Stop caring what other people think.
-If you doubt, you can wear it Black and sparkle your look with prints, metallic or neon.
-Be comfortable in what you’re wearing.
-Get out: I mean, out of your comfortable zone, meet new stores, go to vintage markets…






Bohemian Inspiration.

If you want to inspire your look with bohemian vibes you need to check vintage markets and artisans and also:,,
One of the best options is FRINGED CLOTHING, but please you have to avoid a complete FRINGED OUTFIT. Caribou Moccasins or fringed bags are perfect to get the look, also suede biker jackets.




Kawai Inspiration.

Kawaii meaning is cute in Japanese. It’s popular among Japanese girls it is the perfect style for those who like to stand out among other people.
Wear interesting and unique colors and be bold is the only tip you have to follow to find some kawai inspiration.
Cute, fuzzy accessories are perfect.
You can check:, 



Comic Inspiration.

Some Geek inspiration is cool!
Don’t be afraid to show your Geek side because Comic is so in! (Just like Katy Perry or Riri does.)
Comic prints are so IN, you can find in any of your high-street favorite stores, also and
How to do it? Find some cartoon-style printed shirts, dresses or vintage bomber. Comic is so fun to be sported and it looks funny and refreshing especially if you mix it with pencil skirts or high waist shorts.




Love Moschino colorful shirt
€120 -

MANGO raglan top
€38 -

Flared skirt
€9,96 -

Dsquared2 white tote bag
€210 -

Rafida leather bangle
€160 -


Renaissance Inspiration.

Renascence was full of embroidery, layers, and romantic fabrics. You can find inspiration from books or films such as Shakespeare in Love or Marie Antoinette.
You really need to find your own jewels in markets or vintage stores, and in this case we can 100% ensure that you are making an investment because it will be TIMELESS.





Classic Grece Inspiration.

Gold vs White. It’s elegant and simple; you can combine any dress with brilliant gold sequin trim.
One shoulder dresses are perfect, you can find brass clutches and accessories in stores or even made by artisan at .



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