How to Shop Like a Stylist
How to Shop Like a Stylist


    1-Get inspiration

When we go shopping, some of us (including me) end losing our mind and shopping without any sense. To end with     this, keep a notebook and save the photos of looks you like, or outfits you lust after and everything you are looking for.





    2-Shop according to your body type:

Not everything will look perfectly on you. Remember that unbreakable rule “Always dress for your body”

If you want to look thinner, for example, asymmetric tunics and dresses would help you. Also if you have to choose between patterns, use vertical patterns. And remember that nobody looks good in shapeless clothes.

Instead of looking after your defects, focus on stand out your virtues.  A good belt is always a great investment for thin girls, because this simple accessory can make or break the entire outfit. For example paired with an oversized-baggy tunic, cardigan or a simple dress, will stand out your curves and make you feel more feminine.


    3-Shop for complete outfits

That happens to all of us frequently! Don’t shop for single pieces because are cheap or cute. Maybe you’ll never wear them. Instead of that, save you money and shop for complete outfits.

Or try to think of at least three different outfits you can wear it with.




Outfit por onlydopefashion con t shirts

T shirt, €11 / Black skirt, €20 / Helmut Lang short skirt, €150 / MICHAEL Michael Kors sandals, €63 / Banana Republic emerald green handbag, €54 / Cateye sunglasses, €29 / Old navy belt, €12

    4-Invest in nice accessories.

Accessories help in experimenting with different looks. It breaks the monotony; you can either dress up or dress down with the use of the right accessories.


    5-Build a Foundation

The simplest clothing pieces to coordinate are in solid, neutral colors. Build a base of core wardrobe will help you to multiply your outfit options.

A neutral base is necessary in every wardrobe, and then focus on invest it with your own shopping treasures.

Then next time you find a extraordinary item like a gorgeous colored biker jacket or a brocade skirt, you’ll have the perfect backdrop waiting in your closet.



Basics por onlydopefashion con vintage sunglasses

Backless dress, €180 / Topshop jacket, €84 / Paige Denim boyfriend jeans, €165 / Levi’s high-waisted denim shorts / Type Z platform pumps, €43 / Kate Spade leather handbag, €145 / Vintage sunglasses, €7,21


    6-Get out of your comfort zone

Anyone looking to shop like a stylist has to push out of your own comfort zone. Don’t always go to the same stores; don’t always try on the same style of clothes. Try new stores, styles, colors and trends.



Original by onlydopefashion featuring a floral headband

Liviana Conti short sleeve cardigan, €210 / Paper Dolls flower print blazer, €64 / Jean Paul Gaultier vest, €870 / Dolce Gabbana knee length skirt, €1.025 / Alexander McQueen pencil skirt, €930 / Dolce & Gabbana leather sandals, €635 / Dolce Gabbana floral shoulder bag, €645 / Kate Spade necklace, €250 / American Eagle Outfitters floral headband, €11 / Linda farrow eyewear, €325

    7-Take your perfect shopping partner with you.

Maybe you love shopping but your best friends are indecisive, or maybe is the one who comes to the rescue! The most important thing is do it with a trustable partner, someone who gives you an honest opinion about what looks good on you and what doesn’t that is the right shopping partner.


    8-Have fun

When you go shopping, you can’t take it like a work to do. You have to take your time, check your favorite shops, meet some new, compare, meditate about it, but don’t be in a rush and have fun.

And remember; find items that flatter your features, not what makes someone else look good!



smile by onlydopefashion featuring a coral pink lipstick

Madewell blue vest, €71 / Ermanno Scervino white denim shorts, €345 / Keds polka dot shoes, €67 / Chanel denim purse / Venessa Arizaga crystal bangle, €87 / Anna Sui coral pink lipstick, €22

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Kate Moss x Topshop
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