A Few Ideas for Tattoo Designs Based on Symbolism
A Few Ideas for Tattoo Designs Based on Symbolism

The idea of tattoos has been around since the beginning of time. Of course, the techniques were not as modernized as nowadays however the idea of getting an image imprinted onto your skin using ink and needle was always around. If you ever visit the Smithsonian Museum of history, you will find various literature dating back to the D.D. 900 to 1350 with images of a tattooed right hand of a ‘Chiribaya mummy’, the original piece is displayed in the Southern part of Peru.


The earliest known examples were predominantly the monies that were adorned with various symbolic patterns and cyphers on their bodies. Females had them more than males, and other remains of humans were also found to inhibit these markings. The process of getting one is very interesting, and you can check out this website about how the professionals do it, learn more here.

Nowadays the idea behind it has changed in some cultures, with modernism the symbolism has changed and so have the techniques. The modern age tattoo is now done using a tool known as a ‘tattoo gun’, which pierces the skin using a tiny needle that hit the skin at a hundred hits per second, or something similar, and injects permanent or semi-permanent ink into the skin’s layers.

The Decision of Getting A Tattoo

The decision regarding getting a tattoo design imprinted on your skin should be an important one. This is a permanent fixture and unless you want to get it removed later on in life, which is also a process on its own using a laser or specific equipment, you should carefully consider it.

The number of needles used depends on the design. It is like painting, you would use a thicker paintbrush to fill in larger areas and a thinner paintbrush to apply paint to delicate and details, and in the same way, tattoo guns also differ in size. When the pigment is placed into the skin it seeps into the dermal tissue and sometimes it can bleed slightly, this is because of the needles piercing the skin so fast.

However, if kept clean and wrapped up in a bandage with some tattoo gel applied to it, it will heal itself within a few days and look as beautiful as you imagined it to. Getting a design should firstly reflect your personality, and not someone else’s. Most people see a design on someone and think they want it but aren’t entirely sure, and before you know it it’s too late and you don’t like it.

In this article we have included a few of the options that you can choose from, based on their meanings, to help you along your way. Hopefully one of these will resonate with you. Whatever your reason for getting one, it should be your one and not something you get to impress someone else.


A Few Choices for Tattoo Designs Based on Symbolism

Animals, Birds, or Insects Designs. Many people love animals and creatures of all sorts. If you’re a female you could choose to g for a beautiful image of a butterfly, for instead of a lady-bug. Butterflies represent three main things, change, femininity, and freedom. The nice thing about them is that you can get them done in any color, size, or shape depending on what you like.

In other words, if you want something that you can personalize, this is one option. You could also get it as a flat design on 3 Dimensional so it looks like it’s sitting on your hand. You can also add some flowers or plants to the mix and create a ‘sleeve’ if you want; something that has become very popular since the 90s, read more about this idea here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeve_tattoo Point to note is that this is a very time consuming and costly thing to get done, so you need to make sure you want it.

Under the same category, you could also opt for an eagle design. Also, one of the most popular and powerful signs of freedom and strength. Derived from the American symbolism, when the bald eagle was first used to symbolize the American ideals and flag. Add a mountain, beach, or sunset in the midst of it and it becomes a grounded design.

Feather Imagery. This is one of our favorites, especially for women. The delicate symbolism of feathers is a unique one. The original idea behind it was people who love birds, but this has also been known to symbolize travel, supernatural omens, and freedom in some spaces.

No matter what the representation is behind getting a feather, it should be personal to you. Some people use it in memory of lost ones, seeing them as angels in heaven and protecting those who are still on earth. Some see it as spiritual significance or when they see feathers everywhere it is a message from a higher power. So, if you continuously see one, perhaps it’s a sign that that should be your tattoo.

When done properly using shading and only line art, which is based on only negative space with no color, and only black ink, it can look magnificent. Also, the area you put it on can accentuate the design tenfold. Some good spots are on the top of your feet, on your ankles, a small one across your wrist, or on your waist.

A Lion Image. What can we say about this? So much! Well, the Lion, as a symbol of the king of the jungle is also one of those eccentric designs that very few would get. It’s almost something that would belong to someone big, who has lots of muscles, but also a feisty natured woman could easily fit the persona for a lion tattoo.

A bit of a tricky one, but very popular none-the-less. For those who exude charisma, force, and power, this is the ultimate mark for that.

Professionals artists who work in licensed studios can create anything for you from the size of a small coin to something that can fit your entire back or even body. Make sure once you’ve carefully chosen the image you want to get, you also carefully research the studio you will go to. Happy hunting!

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