Imperfection Blasters You Need To Know About
Imperfection Blasters You Need To Know About

Looking good usually goes hand-in-hand with feeling good. If you look good, it makes you feel good. But those pesky imperfections we can all suffer from time to time can cause us to feel a bit down about our appearance. It doesn’t matter that everyone suffers from them. Those odd spots or bad hair days can really get on your nerves!


When it comes to spots, everyone has their favourite remedies. Yours might be something potent like an over the counter spot medication. Or it might be something more natural like a tea tree cream. The most important thing to do is clean the area on and around the spot. Try not to use finger tips. A cosmetic pad might be best. If your skin isn’t sensitive, you might try an alcohol-based cleanser, but this can sting a little.


Once it’s clean, you can work on reducing the redness and swelling. Ice isn’t a good idea, as it can burn the skin. Instead, cold water on a cosmetic pad can help. Some people use a little crushed aspirin and dab it on. Others prefer a cooling gel. When the skin is dry again, you can cover it up with a green tinted colour corrector before using something like a blemish balm to even your skin tone.


Fine lines and wrinkles can appear from your mid-twenties. They might start as those little frown lines or crow’s feet you get when you’re smiling. There are so many different ways to keep them away. Botox is just one of them. You should always check out a few different solutions before you commit to a cosmetic treatment. Not all options are suitable for every skin type.


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Stained teeth can be so embarrassing. If you want to whiten your teeth, there are plenty of options. Always start with brushing and flossing. Then you need to check the right time to use whitening strips for the brand you’ve chosen. Some recommend you wait thirty minutes after brushing. Alternatively, speak to your dentist about the other options that could be suitable for your teeth. You want to make sure your enamel is not damaged in any way.


Hair removal is something we all have to go through, but would rather we didn’t. If you’ve shaved in a hurry, you might still see little hairs or stubble. To avoid seeing the hairs at the skin surface, you may need to take them out from the root. One of the quickest ways to do this is to epilate. However, this can be quite painful if you have a large area to do. Waxing is the most skin-friendly approach, but it can also be the messiest! Some people may do well with laser hair removal that can last for longer.


All those little imperfections can be so frustrating, but most of them can be fixed quite easily. Some come with age. Others are just hormonal! If you have a skin imperfection or some other problem that needs fixing, try one of these solutions to blast them away for good.

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