Interview: Justin aka GuitarSlayer!
Interview: Justin aka GuitarSlayer!

Hi dopes,

We have the pleasure of interview our dear friend Justin Lyons also known by his stage name GuitarSlayer. (

Justin Lyons aka GuitarSlayer started playing guitar with the age of 5. (What is pretty amazing?). And at the age of 11 he did his first studio recording.

Well known as the lead guitarist of the #bandsix, the band of the Korean “Kpop” boy-band BigBang and girl-band 2ne1; Justin has been traveling around the world on their world tours and having new collaborations with artists of the whole world like, recently with Chrisette Michele.

One of his biggest collaborations was with Samsung Galaxy Phones. With the #OVERTHEHORIZON REMIX contests. Where the contestants were able to upload their own remixes and play their own music on Samsung Phones.

Nowadays, Justin is working in a new project called Little Girls. You can check the extended trailer here:


Also Justin sent us the links to download and listen his new job:


To Listen:


Want to know more about it? Where did Justin find the inspiration, C’mon GuitarSlayer, let us know more about it…


I wrote Little Girls to be a voice for Women and Little Girls that have dealt with and are still dealing with the pain of abandonment. Abandonment from either their mother or father and in some cases both. I hope that the lyrics of Little Girls speaks to the hearts of parents, some of which take for granted the gift of parenthood. I realized from dealing with family and friends the impact that the non-existent parent or parents can cause. There’s a sense of emptiness in most adult women and a sense of sadness in little girls. All in All the way you are today whether good or bad is a direct reflection of how your life was growing up .

***Imagine this: you are a 3 year old, used to having your mama or daddy around. Then one day, they just leave. They never call, never come to see you- all the while you grow up seeing other kids with their parents. Eventually you start to wonder, why did I deserve this? I am or was just a little girl.

As a man I know it may seem strange for you to hear me say I want to be the voice of Little Girls or Women all over the world, but approaching this song from a male perspective, shows my understanding that our little girls are our future nurturers for the new generations of life and if its not handle properly now, life as beautiful as it can be, will continue to deteriorate. And i personally know how much not feeling love from a parent can affect ones life. Growing up, I often asked myself some of the same questions that are in the song.


So whether the listener is that run away father, the single mother or the broken little girl or boy. I sincerely hope this song speaks to you in ways that’s needed in the world today, to make a difference, be a difference or to encourage that a difference is on the way.

GOD Bless

Justin “GuitarSlayer” Lyons






OD: Hey Justin. How you doing?  You been pretty busy recently… right?

-        Yes, I’ve been overly busy haha, but very thankful for the work and plan GOD has for me……


OD: We want to know more about your new project, Little Girls. What we can expect about your new song?

-        Well, yes my new project “LITTLE GIRLS” is just a tear jerker I believe, only because this I feel will bring up old feelings and memories of both pains and happy moments with women and their fathers. But u can expect, fun and energetic moments in the song from  the heart just for you guys (the listeners)


OD: What was your biggest inspiration while creating LITTLE GIRLS?

-          Greatest inspiration….. I would say maybe, the  greatest inspirations are the little girls who may be prevented from any hurt because of my song. But I dedicate this song to my sister. She means a lot to me, but I can tell she was affected by my dad not being around her.


OD: What was your biggest inspiration while creating LITTLE GIRLS? Is that part of the lyrics or it is an internal thought?


-          No its not part of the lyrics, its definitely an internal thought and I feel if any father thinks about it, they’ll agree.


OD: Is LITTLE GIRLS the first song of your solo career?

-          Yes “ LITTLE GIRLS” is the first song of my solo career, and at the end of the day I just want to give a positive message out to the world and just give life to those who are in need of it.


Now about your previous experience and your biggest influences:

OD: I have to say that we get really impressed with your melodic riffs every time we see any Big Bang concert. You are really talented! (Yes! he is really, you should check.) Did you study in conservatory or are you kind of self-taught?

-          Yeh  I’ve never studied music, growing up my mom couldn’t afford to put me in guitar lessons so I promised her I would learn. And my way of learning was to simply ask GOD to teach me and he did just that… I would listen to one individual guitarist day and night and that’s the amazing bb king.


OD: We know you started really young playing guitar, with your experience so far, what piece of advice would you give a young musician?

-        The piece of information I would give to young up and coming musicians is to zone in on your craft, stay focused, gain a great ear in order to be able to hear everything that’s going on musically,  be super alert, and as my mom taught me, pay attention to the director or who’s in charge of you (MD) and the artist (singer).


OD: Who would you say is your biggest musical influence that is not a guitarist?

-I don’t really have a musical influence that’s not a musician, sorry lol. Big musician influences are: Norman brown,  George Benson, JACO, Prince, and of course Jimi Hendrix


OD: Justin, we know you are a guitar lover; do different guitars take you in different directions?

Yes Different guitars take me in a different direction, if I play a jazz guitar then I know that I cant play ROCK music with it… haha I caaaaannnn BUT AT THE same time it wouldn’t really make sense… then when i play more of a sexier looking guitar, itll make me feel super sexy and exotic.


OD: Just browsing through your main website and Instagram, I notice that you have quite an array of guitars. I’m curious as to which guitars you find to be the “best” or which one is your dearest… (I know it is difficult because they sound so different…)

-      I DON’T KNOW which is the best gtr, but at the moment my seafoam green guitar by PRS is my fave, since im now endorsed by them.


OD: As a musician, since you’ve joined #Bandsix, what positive changes have you noticed in your guitar playing?

-     Since thebandsix, oooooh wow ive made drastic changes and when I tell you that ive grown so much on my guitar because of those guys OMG….. im excited every single day about my gift now, even migrating to LA has had an impact….


OD: Here it comes one difficult: What would you say has been your most memorable show?

-       Most memorable show is my very first bigbang show, bcz I didn’t know what to expect, but when the curtains dropped I literally cried and said thank you GOD for changing my life…..


OD: And, what tracks did you really enjoy playing on tour?

-      My favorite track to play was, AINT NO FUN believe it or not


OD: If you could have the chance to record with any of nowadays guitarist out there, who would you like to record with?

-      I would love to play with John Meyers oohh no no no wait Prince.. ive learned a lot from Prince as for as performance…


OD: I know all guitarists have their own dearest material, pedals, distortions, amplifiers….name one of this you couldn’t live without.

-      I don’t want to live without my guitars, secondly without my pedals haha I need my pedals.


OD: Apart of guitar, can you play bass, any other instrument? I think you know how to play Keyboard but I am not sure at all …

-     Yes, I play BASS, KEYBOARD, A lil SAX, drums spoons, tambourine haha


OD: Do you have a “closet” song? By that, I mean a song that you like, but you’re kind of embarrassed to admit? haha!

-       If I had to do a favorite song it would have to be a song from little mermaid “ under the sea” haha I love that movie


OD: What you prefer playing on studio recordings (whether they be your own or as a session guitarist for other artists) or playing in a live setting in your experience?

-      I prefer playing whatever the studio needs me to play.. I don’t have a preference.


OD: Do you have a “life philosophy” and does it influence your work?

-       My lifes philosophy would be, “ ITS NEVER TOO LATE UNTIL YOURE DEAD” so don’t be afraid to do anything and never feel like youre too old to do it.


OD: I found that you could really showcase much technical guitar playing, and also you get really emotive. Do you like more emotional and simplistic guitar or technical playing?

-     I prefer being more emotional rather  than being technical, because with emotion, I think  that anyone listening will also feel the same emotion. And enjoy the music even more on a spiritual level.


OD: Here we are in half of 2014, what we could expect of GuitarSlayer from now to the end of the year?

-       From here out to the end of the year, you can expect more music more fun more slaying and more records.. producing chrisettes newest mini album, ill be on rnb divas tv show as well as meet the manns tv show. I would love to sway to more acting. So be on the look out.


Fast Quiz.

One artist: Michael Jackson

One song:  I don’t know

One place: Garden of EDEN

One quote: idk

Biggest inspirations are my nephews and niece.

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