JOLSE HAUL: chosungah22 review
JOLSE HAUL: chosungah22 review

I am the first to admit that I have a serious addiction to bath products. Even for the ones who feels skeptical,keep reading because I found the perfect body wash.
(Before start I want to thank Jolse for the products, of course like always the opinions expressed here represent my own.)
Chosungah beauty derives from the principle that make up is a fun process of finding one’s strength nstead of hiding one’s weakness. Was created by a korean first generation of professional make up artist.

Their philosophy is based in “makeup should be easy and fun” and “beauty is a state of mind”.
This is my first time meeting the brand and I found even more that I expected.



Allow me to start my review saying that If anyone did have sensitive skin I would not advise using any scented bath and body works gels regularly, but after use it (my skin is super sensitive, especially on my legs.) This is one of the only scent shower gels I’ve ever found that didn’t make my skin itch and it is a perfect shower treat when you want to feel fresh and smell amazing!

I’m absolutely in love with chosungah22 Wonder Bubble Cleanser, the smell stays and is strong but its a beautiful smell. I believe for the shower gel its either you like it or hate it, depends if you choose the right scent.



Now speaking about the berry juice. It feels very light and absorbs pretty fast, it’s a Multi essence with moisturizing ingredients and rich nutrition. Works pretty much as a toner. I like it, but I would recommend it as a morning toner more than a night one.
Chosungah22 Wonder Juice contains: Berry Blossom Complex, cactus stem extract to give nutrition and moisturizing.

chosungah22_Wonder_Bubble_Cleanser chosungah22_Wonder_Juice

You can findthe next scents of both products:

[#1 Berry Juice]
8 kinds of berry ingredients are contained for moist skin care (elastic and vital skin care)
Berry extract 101ppm is contained
[#2 Peach Juice]
Lime flower etract, peach flower extract, apple flower extract, orange flower extract,…(Berry Blossom Complex) are contained for vital and moist skin care
Silky skin texture
Skin soothing effect
[#3 Sugar Juice]
Lemon and lime extract and lemon grass with rich vitamin C are contained for clear and bright skin
Sugar cane extract 1ppm is contained

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