Winter is coming! And together with winter …comes dry skin, flaking, cracking.. Long time I wanted to post skin care essentials but I had some delays because some issues with my website. (Now are fixed)
Just because the wait, I come with some exciting information!!! I know how much shopping love my girls.
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All the products I recommend below are not easily available in European market that’s why I recommend purchasing from this online store.
Why Korean cosmetic? Korean cosmetic is certainly attractive because its perfect mix between, innovation, pretty packaging, gentle ingredients and range of prices more than acceptable.
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Here are the top products/brands that you shouldn’t miss this winter to succeed!


Moisturize More

You may have found a moisturizer for spring and summer but as weather conditions change your skin care routine has to change too. The best way to keep your skin moisturized is find one that’s oi-based rather than water-based because oil will protect better your skin and retain more than cream or water-based lotions.


I recommend Holika Skin&Good cera essential oil.
This oil contains ceramide extract that provides moisturize effect to the skin, it’s very easy to apply, just gently apply to face/body dry area and let it absorb.

SHOP HERE:  http://w2beauty.com/en/14300-holika-holika-skin-and-good-cera-essential-oil.html

Hands easy to handle.

Hands are not easy to handle! The skin on your hands is thinner than most of parts of the body and it are very hard to keep your hands moist especially in cold weather. It tends to dry, and can lead to itchiness and cracking.


I use TonyMoly peach hand cream. It absorbs quickly and it’s very nourishing and moisturizing. As its name it is peach-scented and containing real peach extracts, adenosine, and shea butter.

SHOP HERE: http://w2beauty.com/en/3242-tony-moly-peach-hand-cream.html

Lips are made for kissing.

This is a question for you: How many times a day do you apply lip balm?
Lip balm is a moisturizing must, even application of lip color. Far from ‘Ol Vaseline now we can find a wide range of Lip Balm including with SPF, flavored or including gorgeous berry colors.


Cuteness overdose with this lovely macaron lip balm by it’s skin! Formulated with shea butter and cocoa butter, Macaron Lip Balm is packed with antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C, and E—keeping lips soft, nourished, and healthy-looking.

SHOP HERE: http://w2beauty.com/en/8467-it-s-skin-macaron-lip-balm.html

Ban Superhot Baths

I am superfan of hot baths but hot water makes nothing but damage to your skin. Instead, use warm water and use Love me Bubble Bath from NatureRepublic.


SHOP HERE: http://w2beauty.com/en/4099-nature-republic-love-me-bubble-bathshower-jel-floral-bouquet.html

With this list in hand,  you have no excuse,  let the winter begin and your skin don’t suffer the consequences.

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