How To Look Stylish On A Bike
How To Look Stylish On A Bike

Street fashion enthusiasts are always fascinated by pretty girls looking good on bikes. Fact is, looking good on bikes isn’t a new thing, and you’ll notice that women who were used to taking town cars have now opted for cycling. Additionally, there are different designs online, and you can also get a quirky wallpaper from different clothing or fashion outlet that can guide you on how to look good on a bike.

Here are some of the tips that will help you stand out when riding a bike regardless of your plans.

Biking In Heels

Biking in heels can be tricky for those who are trying it out for the first time. When biking in heels, you should ball off your foot to the pedal and use the area under your toes if you are to feel comfortable and look fantastic. Most people are used to wedging the pedal between the heels and slope of the shoe which isn’t a good idea. Although you might take time to get it right, it’s worth more when you realize that part of your heels has been ripped off by the bike’s pedal.


Baskets And Handbags

The kind of bag you carry determines whether your bike will come with a basket or not. With a wicker basket or a little wire, you can deposit all your luggage and ride unencumbered. If you don’t have a basket, the other alternative will be anything with a long strap or satchel. You can either choose to hang it around the neck or opt for a bag pack. Hanging around the neck would be a good idea since it gets out of your way when peddling.

Circle Over Pencil Skirts

Looking stylish when riding a bike not only takes into account the kind of outfit worn but it’s also about comfortability when pedalling. That said, you will find it easier to maneuver in a circle skirt compared to a pencil skirt. In fact, you will feel more comfortable and still look stylish when you wear a high-waisted, yet cool circle dress that you can either leave hanging behind the bike or tuck under your butt as opposed to something uber-tight. Although tight dresses can be an excellent choice, they sometimes force you to keep the knees together, and it can be uncomfortable especially when making sudden stops.

Flashing Isn’t A Good Idea

If you are looking to wear a tight or short dress, you should consider putting on shorts underneath because it’s easy to take off when you reach your destination.


Pedalling Glam

If you are the kind of person that tears easily in the wind then getting sunglasses will not only come in handy but it can keep you from riding blind. Also, if you are among those who always leave the house with a lip gloss on, you should consider tying your hair before riding. There is nothing as annoying as trying to pull hair from your lip gloss while at the same time navigating the bike lanes.

The Helmet Choices

It’s hard to figure out why someone wouldn’t want to consider having a bike helmet on. There are a few individuals who think that having a helmet on makes them look silly. First of all, it doesn’t matter if you look stupid with your helmet on, it just means that you are sensible. Settling on helmets with matte or darker colors with few details should be perfect to start you off. If you are a casual bike rider, the egg style helmet is a good fit since it’s more relaxed and they don’t indicate that you’ve borrowed your mum’s bike after having a flat tyre.

Final word

The only way to look great on your bike is when you finally realize that you are taking advantage of your bike as a fashion accessory. It’s also essential for the bike to fit the kind of image you are portraying otherwise your bike will be irrelevant. If you are using your bike as a means of transport, you should focus more on the outfit as opposed to the bike.

A bike is an elegant fashion statement given that it can transport you faster as opposed to a bus or car. However, it’s essential to make a distinction between form and function. If you are taking the bike as part of your image, then it should be as important as the jacket you carry or shoes you wear.

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