Looking Stylish by the Pool: My Top Tips
Looking Stylish by the Pool: My Top Tips

Just because you’re chilling by the pool, doesn’t mean you should neglect to look stylish. Getting ready for a day by the pool can be a lot of fun! I thought I’d put together some tips to help you up your game. Enjoy!


Go for a Smart Hairstyle

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By smart hairstyle, I mean the kind of hairstyle that won’t get completely ruined if it gets wet. Having your hair down can look nice, but it isn’t practical for going in the pool or hot weather. You could hair your hair in plaits, in a bun, or in a sleek ponytail. There are loads of ways you can get creative to ensure you look amazing by the pool. I also recommend spraying your hair with heat protectant if you’re in a particularly hot country. You don’t want it to go frizzy!

Waterproof Makeup

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Waterproof makeup is a must by the pool. If you don’t want to wear any makeup at all, that’s fine. If you do, make sure it’s waterproof. Waterproof mascara, eyebrow gel, and blush can all be found in makeup stores. Wearing BB cream might be ok, but beware of it going streaky. You probably shouldn’t wear a full face of makeup, unless you know you’re not going to get in the pool. Having eyeliner and things running down your face is never an attractive look!


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Wear Something You Feel Great in

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You’ll only look stylish by the pool if you feel it. How can you do that? By wearing something you feel great in! Make sure your swimwear suits your body type and that you absolutely love it. That way, you can’t go wrong!


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Don’t forget to accessorize your swimwear if you really want to look stylish. I like to wear a nice pair of flatforms, as they are comfortable and add length to my legs. I’ll also take a nice kaftan or throw over for when it’s time to go for food or something. Quality sunglasses are a must. They not only look cool, but protect your eyes! If we’re doing something like a boat party or pool party, then metallic tattoos and body chains are a great idea!

Exude an Air of Confidence

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Even if you’re not a confident person, you must have an air of confidence about you while you’re around the pool. It can be so easy to feel down about your body and try to hide yourself, but you shouldn’t! The more confident you feel, the better you’ll look. If you believe you look great, then other people will believe it too. Your attitude makes a massive difference, so be confident and think positive thoughts. Eventually, they’ll become second nature. Make sure you walk tall too with your head held high. Shoulders back, tummy in!

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to feel ready to rock the pool and look the best you’ve ever looked. If you have any tips of your own, please leave them below! Hope to see you again soon!

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