Lumitoro [ˈlumi toh’-ro]
Lumitoro [ˈlumi toh’-ro]


Lumitoro was launched in 2013 during Stockholm Fashion Week by founder Roberto Chaves and his team. They describe the brand as “Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry” and a brand that celebrates the beauty of imperfection in every collection.
Their designs are crafted from the highest quality material and using art techniques such as 3D print technology. Each piece tells a store and celebrates individuality personality; their heir jewelry explores themes of science, nature and time. And every shape resolutely modernist, abstract and linear yet alive and with tons of energy.


“The collection was a nice mix of stylish and sturdy jewelry in beautiful materials. That every piece of jewelry tells a story makes them feel personal and unique. It also feels extremely modern and futuristic with the element of 3D printing.”
- Johanna Lundqvist, Fashion Blogger



Nova Tubii raw bronze_DSC1890-Edit
After season’s and seasons of XXL trends, the new trend on top is tiny in size but accessories that make just as much of impact because are unique, original …Asymmetry is one of the coolest trends, and that look appeals to dare-to-be-bold customers who want to make a statement troughs their jewelry, reflecting individuality and create uses for minimal jewelry.

2016-03-20 (1)

My Tubii raw bronze pendant is all of this together. You can easily make an statement thanks to the industrial look and the elegance of raw bronze together with the asymmetrical and curvaceous figure.
They say: “Tubii’s cascade of slanting cylindrical shapes achieves a virtual disco ball of light reflection. She dances to her own beat.”
And that’s not all, because the sterling silver chain is adjustable between 16″/40cm and 18″/45 cm.


Torii Red for SOS Children’s Villages

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela



The nature of Torii Red’s captivating geometry compels curiosity and exploration, both of which inspire education and learning.
Lumitoro will donate €10 from each Torii Red sale to SOS Children’s Villages, a charity devoted to improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children through education and other vital programs.

My review:

I love the website, the design is cleaning and absolutely stunning, the collection is amazing, I didn’t know where to start to choose my necklace because all the designs are unique and with so much personality. I would recommend Lumitoro to any dare-to-dream buyer who wants to get a unique piece and with a medium budget.

Before I leave, I want to tell that soon you will see a new update about the newest collection of Lumitoro called PlantÄe make sure you stay tunned and don’t miss any detail.

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