Marques/Almeida x Topshop
Marques/Almeida x Topshop

Who’s Marques/Almeida??



For those who still don’t know who are them. Its a Portuguese duo, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, which first launched was in 2011.

The brand’s stockists are now spread across London, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia, and Australia, including their capsule menswear collection stocked exclusively at Opening Ceremony New York, LA and London.


A collaboration with Topshop is really important and special cause they serve as both an international platform for emerging talent and a resource for customers seeking to expand their sartorial horizons. And the UK master of cute, frayed denim and favourite of Melbourne legends, Marques/Almeida, just got it.


The launching was on the 9 October with a 68 pieces (priced from $30 to $500): Strong collection of signature, “the ’90s-inspired wardrobe of your dreams”


“We’ve always focused our research around teenagers and what we call the ‘youth code’ of dressing since we started the brand, working on this collection meant we could go back and dig deep into those archives, finding old editions of i-D and The Face, Corinne Day and Kate Moss shoots”



In this collection you can find things like shredded denim pieces, interspersed with high-shine two piece suits, neon blazers, turtleneck dresses, coloured fur pieces, faux-fur bags and some excellent logo tops. The line is incredible and available!!

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