As we said a few days ago, 080 Barcelona ended giving way to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.


Have passed through the capital great designers such as Roberto Verino, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Esther Noriega, Ulises Mérida, Maya Hansen …. but we can not show you all. Here, will show you those who capted most attention and share the best designs of the rest in our instagram (OnlyDopeFashion).
Let’s start:


All her collections are pure FUN. This time she surprised us with a tribe of MegaBabes, with tights that literally melted, dresses made with glitter, hats and skirts made with soft toys colorful candy synthetic and natural leathers, tops cropped with messages “Can chance your life”, “I am that girl “; tattoo dressed in bubblegum color, leather jackets traversed by David Bowie’s ray, stars and Freddy Krueger’s uniform.

“The collection is inspired by the actual girl, chameleon who surfs networks, which gets referrals from various subcultures and dares adopt new identities every day, mixing trends as grunge with pastel colors. A dreamy girl who dream with ponies and flare glam of the 70s. A girl who doesnt scare synthetics combined with silks and cottons. Able to create their own world where she is the absolute boss, megababe “



And we continue with colorful and super fun colections, the famous Queen of Hearts: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

But this year she has surprised ussince the topic has hardly been expected: a tribute to that icon androgynous woman charismatically played by Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall” in the 70′s.

Clothing practical, comfortable and extremely wearable, of course always present, the colorful aesthetics of the house. It has incorporated broad and narrow pants, oversize men’s shirts and blouses. Dresses of all kinds.

Regarding tissues, sublime silks and satins of different smooth and printed, have staged this collection. Innovative velvets and jacquards personalized with prints in cotton or metal thread in large brocade heart. Fabrics such as poly metallic leather, stuffed with metallic finishes and wetsuits with different spectacular embroidery. And all this giving off happiness, mark of the house.



Here comes one of the most famous worldwide brands, this year starring by the contestant of America’s Next Top Model: Chantelle Winnie, who opened and closed the show always stealing a smile to everyone present.


If theres something which defines each of the collections of Desigual is happiness. The happiness of the models, the happiness of the attendees, happiness in their campaigns and, of course, happiness seen through the color in the clothes. They are the architects of #lavidaeschula or #saysomethingnice, and returned to show thanks to the atmosphere created during the fashion show, you could feel the good vibes of everybody.
The objective of this collection was to bring out the best in ourselves and closed with an eclipsing choreography carried out by Chantelle and other models.
Viva la Vida !!



And from happiness for life to happiness for art and the national. In a previous post, I talked about the Spanish popular items on the runways this yearbecause Francis Montesinos was not going to be less this is his spanish-proposal.

It could be interpreted as a claim of gender equality which have been mixed The Crusades and the April’s Trade Fair. Yes exactly, fusion and confusion at the same time.

The designer has played the transversality with a collection in which men and women have shared the stage and aesthetic ideas, with background music of a transsexual artist:
“Manwoman, I do not decide, you decide”

Men showed an androgynous style that manly body for women’s clothing (skirts and transparencies for them) and vice versa (ties and costumes for them) and how could it be otherwise assimilate, flamenco dresses , mantillas converted into layers and male pants transparent to round off a superb collection.


montesinos final


But let’s stop for a moment. We talked about all kinds of happiness, but … what about happiness under clothing, the facade ??  This house took care of it.

The designer wanted to show the “Tic Tac” of women, since wake up until goes to bed, all with their own seduction of their lingerie.

“We wanted to do a tribute to the women who every day can deal with everything: family, work and life. An intense and whole life, leaving nothing aside, work, kids, fun, culture, sports, friends … For all this, these women have the same hours as the rest, but to them they spread them more “

The 80s, specifically the film Working Girl, was the main source of inspiration, but as sophisticated outfits that closed the proposal can also observe the phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey: full lace, crystals of Swarosvki and some winks to bondage.



And to close, who better than the elegance and sophistication with its own name, classiest collection of all fashion week, dreamy the design of Hannibal Laguna.

Lights of Spain consists of a collection in which it is possible to feel the strength of the Spanish lady from Baroque times to the 50s, when Ava Gardner revolutionized Madrid with her glamorous style.

Through his particular ‘journey into the past’, the designer uses the volumes and various items related to the great icons of culture and art in the history of Spain: “I seduced the idea of revitalizing investigating femininity the concepts that charmed women in the past and move them to a contemporary attitude, “explains the designer “For example, the Manila shawl always been considered jewelry, from mother to daughter, so I wanted to distill its essence and incorporate them into the design of a new way “

Following these indications we have seen dresses chantilly tribute to the nineteenth century, winks to Plateresco period, among others, also proposed dresses based of pleats and asymmetrical pleated composites by finest embroidered with crystals networks, and hundreds of small details that always, with the balance between romanticism and femininity, characterizes him.


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080 BARCELONA (Fall/Winter 2015-16)


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