Behind the Brand: Alisa Minyukova.

Alisa was born ir Russia and raised in the Lower East Side, you can find her bi-cultural influences in every design, her brand mark of Fascination Anxiety.


@ Isak Tiner

Her biggest inspirations go from the pagan shamans of the Altai Mountains to the Tatar Muslims of Kazan, from Russian fables to Ukrainian folk songs. The iconography of these cultures has become an endless source of artistic inspiration for our designs as well as the styles of the tribal sub-cultures of New York City.


Fascination Anxiety:

She teamed up with fellow artist Zoya Levinshteyn and Yuri Kolesov, to create Fascination Anxiety. Their biggest goal is: “to bring you unique handmade artifacts at a fair price without compromising the craftsmanship normally found in fine jewelry.” And they introduce their designs as “designs that aim to charm, humor and surprise by embracing the unexpected.” The pieces’ process are 100% organic—so to speak. Instead of using CAD Software or 3-D milling machines, all pieces are sketched out, hand carved and cast locally in the ancient lost wax method.

Jewellery never fails to lift the spirits!  I really believe wearing the right piece of jewellery bring out special feelings, that’s why it’s really important when you invest in a new piece to make sure you wear something smart, creative, original that suits your personality. When wearing Jewellery as special as this piece I recommend keeping it close to the hand at home, in a visible way and never going out without wearing any jewellery.


Multi-layer and combining two different trends is a good way to spice up your everyday look. For example styling something vintage like my beautiful Clothes Line necklace with beads or zircon. It will result in a brand new personal jewellery style.

I love how passionate my necklace look. Clothes line necklace was made of 18K gold in plated Brass.

Fascination Anxiety is the kind of brand you will find very stylish and one of a kind finding Jewelry, which they have made sure is affordable too, wasn’t easy to name some of my favorite pieces because they are all eye-catching pieces.

Part of their collection, which they have put online, is really amazing. I specially loved:


If you build it they will become Pinky Ring.

The Elephant Necklace


And remember behind every piece of jewellery is the inspiring story of the designer, and the creative journey of each piece from inception to the spectacular finished result.  Is not about the visuals but about find something unique and special for you?



2015-09-13 (1)

2015-09-13 (2)

 2015-09-13 (3)

My review overrall is 4,5 of 5.

I love the craftmanship work and the fact the full collection is locally made, also the website interface is easy to handle but descriptions are too short, I would love to read the story behind every design while shopping.

Vintage lovers and treasure finders will love Fascination Anxiety for their amazing design work. It’s mostly I piece of art weareable! And remember, these days, mixing metals, textures and stones isn’t something to be afraid of when you’re picking out jewelry.

You can find Fascination Anxiety:






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