Meet Givenchy’s World at Thyssen Museum
Meet Givenchy’s World at Thyssen Museum

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum presents the first major retrospective of the French couturier Hubert de Givenchy, a key creator of the twentieth century and living legend in the history of haute couture. The exhibition presents an exceptional approach couturier’s creations over nearly half a century since the opening in 1952 of the Maison in Paris until his professional retirement in 1995.

For the sample have been selected about a hundred of his best pieces from museums and private collections around the world and many of them unpublished for the public.


Here we teach our favorites and explain a little exposure and each of the chosen pieces. (During the exhibition is forbidden to take pictures with mobile’s why I had to take the photos from the official website of the museum).

The Exhibition

In the first space of this exhibition, you can see the beginning of the Maison in 1952, with the most prominent parts of his first collection, including the famous “bettina blouse”, named in honor of one of the most beautiful models of that time and good friend of the designer.


These blouses distilled elegance and beauty and formed the internationally successful of the designer.

Later, a fantastic selection of short dresses, pieces made of leather and delicate silk suits, showing the teachings of his master: Balenciaga


In the heart of the exhibition, you can see the creations for his major clients. Among them are four iconic women: the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco, Jacqueline Kennedy and, mainly, the actress Audrey Hepburn (his muse and ambassador for his brand since they met in 1954).


Next, the exhibition continues with a selection of costumes showing the craftsmanship in precious and embroidery and muslins, found in “déshabillés” until another of the signs of identity of Givenchy style: elegance in color use .

capture-20141104-123727-horzcapture-20141104-123807 - copia-horz

The most important creations by which reached more international fame are the wedding and night dresses. They have been and continue to be a sign of identity of Maison Givenchy and have always set style: innovative and disruptive nature in perfect harmony with the timeless beauty of classic elegance

capture-20141104-123830capture-20141104-123852-horzSin título

If you liked and want to pay a visit it will still open until January, 18. Don’t miss it!!

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