Meet Marigold&Roses. My dreamy purse!
Meet Marigold&Roses. My dreamy purse!

Hi loves!

Today I bring a fabulous post! I really have to thank Alessandra for the jewel she sent to me. I am in love and my butterfly88bag it’s already my favorite clutch.

The best about Marigold&Roses handbags is their cutting edge design; bags are in perfect chemistry between the best Italian leather and vanguard plexiglass.

When I met Marigold&Roses for the very first time and I saw their work I was absolutely mesmerized by the way plexiglass and leather contrast creating jewels to carry with you.

It makes every piece very interesting and unique.  For me Butterfly88 is not a hanbbag, it’s a statement piece, timeless! Because when I spend money in handbags I want to know I get something exquisite, unique and well-made and we can’t forget all the hard work behind every bag (of artisans and designers) it well worth $200 that cost my Butterfly88Bag.




Marigold&Roses concept:

Marigold&Roses comes from Alessandra’s mum passion for flowers. She’s a biologist and Alessandra grew up with her lessons on botanics ever since she was a kid. She chose the Marigold&Roses name as a tribute to her mum because she’s been supporting her ideas and dreams since the very beginning. The marigolds and the roses represents the essence of the feminine silky touch, theelegance and the class that makes them so special.


Marigold&Roses team:

Alessandra – Designer Marigold&Roses

David Bertolini – IT mind for M&R

And before start my review you have to know at Marigold& you have worldwide free shipping with every purchase.

You can follow Marigold&Roses here:




And visit MariGold&Roses here:



Butterfly88 review:


Like Alessandra and David said Butterly88 is a ode to effortless chic style the laser cut plexiglass pattern makes of this bag something special of unique. All Marygold&Roses handbags are 100% handcrafted and real leather made in Italy. Later I am going to show you some of my favorites. Now let’s talk about my beloved Butterfly88 .



PS: Looking happy right?


Black and white is making a comeback this spring. I don’t think we can call it a trend necessarily since black and white handbags have always been around.

That’s why I find my butterfly clutch perfect, red leather adds some poppy twist perfect to color block this spring summer. This piece gives a whole new meaning to color block since it mix leather with plexiglass. And who can resist this pretty pop of color?



 You can buy Butterfly 88 here: BUTTERFLY88



How to wear it:

The best about this handbag is it matches almost anything from a Maxi Dress to a formal daily event , depending what you wearing at. Don’t be afraid to add some print to your look.

I remember long time ago there was a rule “Bag, Belt, Shoes” everything matching, thanks god this changed and now purse (in my opinion every woman bestfriend) are made to sparkle your look.








Pinky Girl



One of our favorite bags is Aurorina, it is perfect for daily outfit. And if you pair it with pink accessories and flower dress you will have the perfect look to wear to a brunch or a morning event.

You can also pair aurorina with poppy colors if you dare to color-block this summer!




Boho Chic


Hackberry screams take me! It is the most versatile. Is perfect to sparkle your boho chic outfit for example for a fest look. It is made of light patterned tortoise plexiglass shell with beige leather internal bag. Perfect.

Shop Hackberry here: SHOP



Night Out



One of my favorites is Gold Glitty Bag, I love it paired with total black outfit, it can improve any night outfit, but let her be the main character of the night! That’s why she is a special edition after all.



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